Why you shouldn’t stress?

Simple Habits that will help you overcome stress

Stress is a psychological process resulting from demands on an individual’s coping resources. Understanding your stress triggers can help you learn when to rest and take care of yourself. A Stress profile is an inventory of behaviors and experiences that helps the user understand how they react to stress.

Download the Personal Stress Profile Here

The purpose of the Personal Stress Profile tool is to help you better understand your network of stress triggers, symptoms, and coping mechanisms. Building this awareness will enable you to manage stress more effectively.

Sometimes relaxing can be the most productive thing you can do. Seems like a challenge, what with the times we live in. Time seems to be in short supply, no matter how hard you try to delegate or multitask. Suppose the ordinary man is hard-pressed for time. In that case, one can only imagine how the CEO must be grappling with running a company. Everyone has the same 24 hours and it’s a race to the finish. No wonder stress, anxiety, anti-social behavior, and conflicts have risen.

Until Elon Musk figures out an alternative Universe, we have only this planet to rely on. Without wasting a second, let’s look at practical ways you can minimize the impact that a high-pressure environment can create:

  1. Make Self Care an Absolute Priority This is number one on the list. You must be conscientious when it comes to self-care. Or else burnout is guaranteed.
  2. Practice being calm during the day It could be Centering exercise or taking a short walk. Whatever works for you. Please resist the urge to finish it all at once. You will be prone to make other mistakes if your mind is not rested enough.
  3. Take Time Off Frequently Overworking is not a badge of honor. It’s stupidity at its best and can have disastrous repercussions. The World is not resting on your shoulders.
  4. Make Journaling a Habit Writing helps the brain assimilate information faster. Not only will you accomplish tasks as per the deadline, but it will also give you the satisfaction of a well-done job.
  5. Choose tasks in Order of Priority What is most urgent and needs your immediate attention. Focus on priority tasks and then gradually come down the list. That will free your brain from needless anxiety. (Read my blog on Eight Powerful Ways to Set Priorities in Life)
  6. Sleep Enough Getting a good night’s rest gives you the stamina to face the day. Your mind is alert and active and you can accomplish tasks quickly. It also repairs your health when you get a night’s sleep. So next time you are tempted to sacrifice sleep, think twice.
  7. Get Enough Supplements Eat a balanced meal packed with vitamins and minerals. More often than not, we forget to adhere to the basics and end up in more significant trouble than could have been avoided.
  8. Power of Outdoors Nature is a great stress booster. It can give you a burst of creativity and remember that last time you had a fresh breeze that uplifted your spirits. There are plenty of adventure sports you can try if you feel inclined.

The above list is by no means exhaustive. There are plenty of other strategies you can follow to combat stress. Often times it’s not the load but the way we carry it that causes needless stress and anxiety. There is no way to avoid stress, but plenty of ways to mitigate it; instead, use it purposefully.

The way a person perceives stress is what makes it harmful; stress itself is not always a “bad thing.” When stress is perceived as being out of one’s control, its negative effects can be more crippling. However, overcoming a stressful challenge can spark your growth process and make you feel more competent and confident the next time.

So, the next time you are prompted to wallow in self-pity or anxiety, think again!

If you operate on time-tested principles (a few Outlined Above), you are essentially reducing the adverse impact of levels to a bare minimum. Repeat a thing often enough, and the brain’s neural pathways are strengthened, so much so that you start operating on autopilot. Focus on strengthening good habits and they will serve you well in times to come.

Essentially, life is simple. But we insist on making it complicated. I hope this short series has sparked your curiosity and charged you enough to reset your life. It’s all about small habits that you develop to cope with your situations that make you successful.

Download the Personal Stress Profile Here

The purpose of the Personal Stress Profile tool is to help you better understand your network of stress triggers, symptoms, and coping mechanisms. Building this awareness will enable you to manage stress more effectively.


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