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Why you shouldn’t stress?

Simple Habits that will help you overcome stress Stress is a psychological process resulting from demands on an individual’s coping resources. Understanding your stress triggers can help you learn when to rest and take care of yourself. A Stress profile is an inventory of behaviors and experiences that helps the user understand how they react […]

Healthy Relationship

How to experience greater joy and fulfillment from your relationship Do healthy, perfect relationships spring out of nowhere? Is it as triumphant and perfect as social media presents to us? If you are reading this right now, chances are that you are intentionally seeking to take your relationship to the next level and are prepared […]

Ten Strategies to Increase EQ

Ten Strategies to Increase EQ I had a client few months ago, who was totally demotivated and frustrated the way her boss criticized her, though she puts in a lot of efforts to get the work done. I did an EQ assessment and found her biggest challenge was recognizing her emotions and handling them in a […]

There is no failure, just feedback

There is No Failure- Just Feedback Since time immemorial, we have perceived failure as an intrinsically bad event and one that should be avoided at all costs. Failure is simply a judgment about results that are not yet accomplished and cannot necessarily be termed bad. In a society governed by success and accomplishments principles, failure […]