Eight Powerful Ways to Set Priorities in Life

Eight Powerful Ways to Set Priorities in Life:

According to Wikipedia, Prioritization is the activity that arranges items or activities in order of importance relative to each other. In today’s age, effective prioritization is the key to getting ahead. I read about the 80/20 rule years ago and have used it extensively and successfully in my professional career. This rule suggests that while setting priorities, always focus on the first 20 percent of the task. Focus your energies aggressively on getting 20 percent of the critical work. The remaining 80 percent will inevitably follow through on that initial momentum, and completing it will be a breeze.

Most of us, who lack this habit of Prioritisation, start picking up every other task and burdening ourselves to a point we can no longer carry on. This is where most people burn out or unconsciously shift from their goals and targets.

So, how do you actually set priorities? Here are Eight Simple yet effective ways for you to get started:

  1. Script it- Some people think the best while on a drive or a walk. Unfortunately, most people haven’t yet figured out just what it is that drives them or what makes them come alive, so to speak. Understanding what motivates you is the primary step and, In fact, is the first step in setting priorities. Without an all-encompassing vision, I seriously doubt whether an individual can sustain the pace in the long run. Writing it down, or scripting as manifestation gurus might call it is an excellent way as it solidifies your intent on paper. At this point, don’t think about the practicality of whether your dreams can turn into reality. Simply write it down and, most importantly, in no particular order. Let it be spread out on a Full A4 Sheet. Allow your unconscious to make its own connections.
  2. List it in Order of Priority The most demanding and complex tasks must occupy pride of place at the top, followed by moderate and minor importance functions. When you eventually accomplish the most critical task, it will motivate you to keep the momentum and keep moving forward. Follow this practice for a week for guaranteed results.
  3. Be Flexible Life doesn’t turn out the way we might script it, and developing an attitude of flexibility helps to move forward in facing adversities. Being hung over something and refusing to move forward can stunt growth and alter the course of your life. Remember this, there might be a different pathway to your goal and you just have to figure it out. Be Flexible with your plans but committed as far as the end goal is concerned. I have seen this played out over and over in the lives of highly successful individuals like Steve Jobs and Howard Schultz.
  4. Evaluate your Day – Every night or at any other suitable time, make it a practice to Pause and go through the day’s activities. What went well? What could have been done differently? What are the most pressing problems on the agenda? What’s the turnaround time and so forth. This eliminates the panic when your day starts because your mind has rehearsed the pattern beforehand and you are in a much better position to make swift pragmatic decisions.
  5. Cultivate prioritization as a Habit- As I mentioned earlier, effective prioritization is the key to getting ahead. And as is the case with any skill, it takes time to develop. I would definitely not recommend trying to gain expertise in one go which might lead to feelings of overwhelm. Take small steps consistently; before you know it, you will have mastered the craft.
  6. Eliminate Distractions Rigorously Focusing on multiple projects simultaneously is a recipe for disaster. It can potentially drive you berserk and make rash decisions that can further escalate into something entirely unmanageable. While dealing with more significant projects, alternate between taking power breaks and breaking large chunks into bite-sized pieces. It’s a thin line that only comes with repeated practice and failures. While most people practice prioritization in some form or another, very few Infact have mastered intelligent prioritization.
  7. Operate by a Timeline What’s the point of setting priorities if it is not governed by a timeline? Change and growth are scary, but nothing is as frightening as staying stuck in the same place year after year. Operating on default and letting life take control is a precarious proposition. If there is a vision, there must be priorities and those priorities must be governed by a realistic timeline.
  8. Keep the Momentum– Having Goals and practicing prioritization is excellent. Still, if the momentum is missing, it’s a resounding failure, and this is by far the most significant challenge. It is safe to assume that if you are reading this right now, you are willing to take a step forward in cultivating this mindset. And once you do, you will start operating like the 1%. Which means you will witness exponential success.

You Got This!


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