There is no failure, just feedback

There is No Failure- Just Feedback

Since time immemorial, we have perceived failure as an intrinsically bad event and one that should be avoided at all costs. Failure is simply a judgment about results that are not yet accomplished and cannot necessarily be termed bad. In a society governed by success and accomplishments principles, failure can be viewed as an outlier, an unnecessary roadblock. So, what exactly is the role of failure and is it a mandatory step towards Success?

But, before we dive into that concept, let me ask you, “Do you honestly believe you are worthy of success? Do you think you have what it takes to be considered as “having made it in life”? Or would you consider yourself as far below the spectrum of achievement? Why is this important, you may very well ask? So here’s my take on this, Your perception of your current state and your belief in your ability is the single most crucial factor that can alter the trajectory of your life.

You may have had your fair share of failures. Some avoidable, some silly, and some entirely a matter of chance. But it’s not the failure itself, is it? If you sincerely believe you are worthy of Success, you have to ask the Right Questions. The Right Questions will open doors to Success.

These Self Coaching questions will help you upgrade your mindset and accept all life challenges as opportunities for growth.

Question #1: “What could I have done differently? The ability to take feedback. And that perspective is the starting point that will prove invaluable in your journey toward Success. Every time you encounter a delay or a setback, you must alter course and think outside the box. You can pivot and strategize as many times as you want to. This must be your watchword until you reach the pinnacle of Success.

Question #2: How much do you believe in your Success? Have you been ridiculed for failing at it in your first attempt? Congratulations. Now you are experiencing the first symptoms of defeat and disillusionment coupled with people doubting your ability to come through. This is possibly the most challenging phase and most individuals flee after the first bout of failure.

Question #3: Let’s say you cross over despite the opposition. You have failed and yet managed to ride the wave. How I need to speak to myself must be the focal point from now on. If you talk defeat, you will encounter defeat. If you manifest failure, you will receive nothing but disappointments. How you speak to yourself during a testing time can either make or break you. Are you speaking victory?

Question #4:. How badly do you want it? An individual with a red-hot burning desire will always defeat the best of the best at doing the how. Your desire to accomplish your dream must supersede your desire for comfort; it must be unfazed by the opposition and challenged by defeat.

Question #5. What is stopping you from achieving your goals? Are you experiencing feelings of being adrift and undecided? Is it a lack of resources? Whatever the root cause, I would like you to do a deep dive and think of all the ways you can stop yourself from achieving your goals. Think about it often. Think about it Every day.

Let me be extremely honest with you. The road to Success is littered with failures. And you must have a heart of steel to withstand multiple losses without losing your sense of drive and adventure. In fact, you must expect failures as a necessary component of Success. You cannot genuinely enjoy real Success until you have gone through bitter defeats and detours.

In the Far east, a tree is known as the Chinese Bamboo. For the first four years, the Chinese Bamboo hardly grows. No visible sign of growth. Nada. However, year five is the Game changer. Within five weeks, the humble Bamboo grows to ninety feet, leaving all its competitors far behind. Sometimes you might think you have been hidden. The reality is that you have been planted.

The Most Important Question –  Have I failed, really? Well, that depends on your perspective. What you considered a failure was telling you about another way that would not be successful, so change your strategy, look for something different and something that will work better. As said by Edison, “Now you know 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Now you know your limitations and how you can position yourself for the future. Now YOU can sustain the pace in the long run because you failed. You see, failure can also teach you. It is all a matter of PERSPECTIVE.

Fail Early. Failures are nothing but stepping stones to Success!

There is no Failure; its only feedback to change to another strategy


Sajid Ahamed is a “Certified Trainer of NLP” and organizes John Grinder approved NLP training in India and the Middle East. He is one of the few ITA (International Training Academy) trainers in the world who are authorized to run New Code NLP and NLP Master Practitioner Certifications in India and the Middle East. He has more than 1000 hours of coaching experience and is an ICF accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC). He is also certified and authorized to conduct Emotional intelligence Assessments by Six Seconds, International. He is a firm believer in High Performance Coaching. He enjoys engaging in powerful conversations that lead to effective learning and results. Sajid empowers his clients to achieve their most significant potential and evolve into their personal best version through emotionally intelligent coaching.

Listed among the best NLP Trainers in India, Coach Sajid is known for his Accredited NLP Certification, especially the  NLP Training In Bangalore and Parenting Workshop In India. Apart from the Trainings, his NLP Coaching In India covers a  wide niche of coaching including Relationship Coaching, Parenting Coaching, Leadership Coaching.

One of his personal favorites seems to be How To Get Rid Of Phobias and How To Manage Your Emotions.

He has completed studies in Psychotherapy from Chicago School of Professional Psychology and is presently pursuing his PhD in Alternative therapies and Integrative Medicines.

He is also the Founder of Inner Peace Life Coaching Pvt. Ltd, India, which specializes in Coaching in variety of Modalities like NLP, EFT, EI and Energy coaching.

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