Get A Sneak Peak at Our Workshops is an organization that was founded with an idea of making a difference in the human race.

– Addresses individual concerns and help you to change your prospective towards life.
– Help you to get rid of redundant habits, phobias and different type of fear.
– Positive and prompt changes to your life.
– Day to day challenges that everyone faces in this competitive world.
– Boost your confidence level.

We bring the life-changing programs such as U2.0 – Your Best Version, NLP Core Skill Diploma, NLP Practitioner Certification Course (Both Classic Code & New Code), Emotional Intelligence Audit and Coaching, Life Coaching Programs (For Individuals and Groups), Energy Leadership Programs based on Energy Assessments as well as the Therapies such as Reiki, Time Line Therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques to help an individual, corporate or social elements to redefine the purpose of life by bringing in the way he or she looks at his memorable that will invoke a positive and effective, thought process to lead fulfilling lives.

We conduct workshops which can last for few hours or up to 10 days depending on the program undertaken. The programs at are conducted by certified professionals.

The Certifications issued are accredited and recognized by International bodies like International Training Academy (ITA, UK), Association for NLP ( ANLP, UK) , AUNLP (USA), ICF, IPEC etc. IPLC is the only coaching institute which offers NLP Certification signed by John Grinder (Co-creator of NLP), Carmen Bostic St Clair (Co-creator of New Code NLP) and Michael Carroll (Founder of International Training Academy), in Middle East and India. Register Here to know more about our course.

Creating the Neuro Circuitry

Level 1: Creating the Neuro-Circuitry (3 Days)

Every Journey needs preparation. This Level prepares you to become a masterful NLP Coach. The exercise you go through in this module create the neural pathways for the onward journey as a NLP Practitioner. You get acquainted with the basic skills and learnings required as a NLP practitioner like

• How to connect to your thoughts?
• How to change your goals into reality
• Read people from the expressions, gestures
• Creating empathy and learnings
• How to Take Charge of your thoughts
• Developing rapport with the conscious and unconscious mind

NLP Core Skills

Level 2: Core Skill Diploma ( 3 days)

You could become a remarkable communicator and can build rapport with everyone you want to. By incorporating masterful communication skills you can easily read non-verbal behavior (body language and voice tone) and can influence them in very positive ways. You will learn how to Change thoughts at will. You will learn how to add more choices to your life.

• You can easily achieve your goals and the outcomes of your life.
• You can instantly shift you negative thoughts, build confidence and motivation without any external support.
• Mind patterns are how we understand the world. You can easily read and understand the behavior patterns of others by using NLP techniques.
• Develop a strong internal GPS which guides you on what is good for your body and what is not good for you by partnering with your unconscious mind
• Understand the client communication even what is not being said by analyzing their language patterns.

NLP Core Skills

NLP Training

Level 3: Certified NLP Practitioner Classic Code (3 days)

Apply core NLP Patterns into their lives’ for more effective communication, personal success and creating more choices in life. Apply NLP techniques in a coaching Scenarios

• Get Certified as NLP Practitioner signed by John Grinder ( Co-creator of NLP)
• Able to handle Real life Coaching scenarios
• Handling Addictions, Phobia, Depression, Relationship Coaching
• Learning Persuasion Skills, Marketing and Negotiation techniques
• New Behavior Generators, and Change personal history
• Become a Certified NLP Coach.

NLP Training

U2.0 - Your Best Version

This Workshop will equip you with the tools acquired from NLP, Reiki, EFT, Energy Coaching and many other workshops I have attended and being certified to train by John Grinder the Co-Creator of NLP.