Enhance Your Personality


Why are we talking about Conscious Learning, when we are fully aware that most of the learning happens subconsciously. It is because our conscious mind is a part of our consciousness which we are aware of, and we can accelerate our learning by becoming more aware of the abilities we all have.

To be an excellent student or a mentor, we need to understand how effective or conscious learning is actually done, and how many challenges we ourselves had faced when learning. We usually get frustrated when someone is unable to master a point we think is easy but we forget to help them learn, or we are just unable to help them out.

At inner peace life, we do just that. We teach you techniques, which will enable you to increase your success, and help you overcome the learning difficulties we all face in our lives more so the children.

We may not have an 100% IQ, but we all have a God gifted ability which when used to its maximum potential in a proper way, could generate results we could have never imagined.


Some of our approaches are

1. Goal Setting

2. Overcoming Barriers

3. Facing Exams with Stress

4. Facing Failures

5. Overcoming Child Abuse Agony

6. Handling Emotional Difficulties

7. Spelling, Reading, Numeracy and Writing Difficultieslearning

8. Word Meaning and Comprehension Difficulties

9. Concentration and Focusing Issues.

10. Emotional Eating

11. Speed Reading – How to increase Reading Speed?

12. Public Speaking – Can I ever Speak to an Audience?

13. What is my Personality Type?

14. What is my Learning Style?

15. Enhancing the Left Brain and Right Brain Capacities

16. Testing Multiple Intelligence

17. Handling Fears

18. Regaining Self Esteem

19. Building Confidence tool kit

20. Using procrastination in your favor


Join Us and Experience a Change in your Way of Learning !!