How to hire a NLP Practitioner?

How to select an NLP Practitioner as your Life Coach?

The Coaching industry is valued at two billion and continues to see an upward climb. Hiring a Coach is swiftly becoming indispensable in today’s fast-paced world. Right from wellness to Career development, coaches cater to a wide variety of clients and tailor a coaching strategy that is a custom fit. 
Nowadays, employers prefer to check your brand value on LinkedIn, and other social media handles before they decide to get you on board. Your brand value can get you the best deals and a seat at the table in one of the world’s highly sought-after companies. It’s not surprising, therefore, that the market is rife with Coaches that promise to aid you on this journey of achieving super success. It is also true when you are thinking of hiring a life coach. And that brings me to this essential point of “doing your research” before you sign up.

Let’s jump in and examine some of the questions you must ask yourself. If possible, schedule a quiet time away from all the distractions and objectively ask the below. I will list them in Order of Priority. 

  • Why is a Coach/ NLP Practitioner essential at this stage in my life?
  • How is an NLP practitioner Different from Other Coaching Modalities? How is it different from Counselling?
  • Can I accomplish the targets I have set for myself alone?
  • Does the Coach in question have a history of handling such cases? What does their track record say?
  • What do people say about the Coach I have shortlisted?
  • Am I comfortable working with an NLP Professional?

Once you have decided that you would like to go ahead and a Coach can provide exceptional value in your life, next comes the all-important step of research. Let’s say you have browsed through the profiles of numerous coaches and checked the services they offer, and each one seems to be better than the last. Please remember that a Coach’s Profile might be “state of the art,” yet they might not have the requisite skills. Below are some points you may want to consider before you decide on the ONE.

Did they obtain their qualifications from a renowned and recognized Organization? Which professional body are they registered with? Some NLP Professionals working in specific sectors like therapy or training may have additional external accreditation from One of the Organizations that covers NLP. Are they working with a Coach themselves? 


If possible, schedule a zoom call or an in-person meeting with the NLP Professional to get more insights into their work and how they approach specific situations. Don’t shirk from asking some hard-hitting questions.

This will clear any preconceived notions that any of you might have and establish whether you are comfortable sharing your thought processes and how you would like to achieve your objectives.


Now that you have zeroed on the Coach, let’s look at the questions you might want to ask them:

  • How many practice hours do you undertake each year?
  • When did you qualify?
  • Which National / International Organizations issued your certification? You can check with ANLP / ITA or other agencies to check and verify the information.
  • What expertise do you have relevant to my particular problem? What other modalities methods will you implement to solve my specific situation?
  • Would I receive Regular feedback, and if so, at what intervals? Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly?
  • Do you have Insurance?
  • Can I see testimonials from other Clients? Can I talk to a few of them?
  • What Professional body/ Governing Organizations are you affiliated with?
  • Do they have a Code of Ethics that you abide by? 
  • Where are you based? 
  • Are you able to Offer Consultations in Other Areas?
  • How Long is the session, and how many sessions will I need?
  • What if the Appointment is Cancelled? What next?
  • How much do you charge? Is it per session or hour based?
  • What if it doesn’t work?
  • Will there be a Contract should we choose to proceed?

You might have a host of other questions. This is just the preliminary list to get you started.

Your Coach cannot guarantee results unless you commit to do the grunt work. You have to decide to make a change and work in tandem with your coach to accomplish your dreams. There might be days when you would want to quit. But you have to pick yourself up and back your plans with action. Have a mindset to succeed despite setbacks. A Coach will inspire you to get to your goal. But the bottom line is simply this, “The Commitment to do the work starts and ends with you.”

Now, you have the Blueprint.

Choose Your Coach.


Sajid Ahamed is a “Certified Trainer of NLP” and organizes John Grinder approved NLP training in India and the Middle East. He is one of the few ITA (International Training Academy) trainers in the world who are authorized to run New Code NLP and NLP Master Practitioner Certifications in India and the Middle East. He has more than 1000 hours of coaching experience and is an ICF accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC). He is also certified and authorized to conduct Emotional intelligence Assessments by Six Seconds, International. He is a firm believer in High Performance Coaching. He enjoys engaging in powerful conversations that lead to effective learning and results. Sajid empowers his clients to achieve their most significant potential and evolve into their personal best version through emotionally intelligent coaching.

Listed among the best NLP Trainers in India, Coach Sajid is known for his Accredited NLP Certification, especially the  NLP Training In Bangalore and Parenting Workshop In India. Apart from the Trainings, his NLP Coaching In India covers a  wide niche of coaching including Relationship Coaching, Parenting Coaching, Leadership Coaching.

One of his personal favorites seems to be How To Get Rid Of Phobias and How To Manage Your Emotions.

He has completed studies in Psychotherapy from Chicago School of Professional Psychology and is presently pursuing his PhD in Alternative therapies and Integrative Medicines.

He is also the Founder of Inner Peace Life Coaching Pvt. Ltd, India, which specializes in Coaching in variety of Modalities like NLP, EFT, EI and Energy coaching.

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