Overcoming the Most Challenging Parenting Issues
‘I Hate You, Mom!’ - Wondering where you went wrong?
Struggling with your child’s behaviour?

If you are Parents, looking for peace…

At Inner Peace, we strongly feel that there is a peaceful and joyous method of parenting, where amazing parents bring up healthy balanced children. By understanding your children, through our unique Empower Program,  you will gain a deep understanding of your child’s behavior, which will show you exactly what you need to do for the holistic development of your child. The core focus of this program is to change your family into a conduit for dynamic growth, happiness, intimacy and creativity, among others. The possibilities are endless.

Since we believe parenting is an extremely time-consuming job, we will be focusing on specific strategies to keep the ball moving forward and helping you excel in the most important job you will ever undertake. Contemporary issues like bullying, eating disorders, body image, alcohol, drugs, managing social media, and interaction with opposite gender will also be handled in depth, so as to empower you to solve problems efficiently and effectively.

Have you ever wondered-

1. Why is my Child Disrespectful?
2. Why does my Child Steal?
3. Why does my Child Lie?

Some of the issues we handle are-

1. Difficult Behaviors-Anger, Bullying etc
2. Social Phobia
3. Learning difficulties
4. Obsessive Behavior
5. Answering Their Difficult Questions
6. Bullying and Peer Pressure
7. Falling Grades and Trouble with Authority
8. Abuse Issues
9. Parenting Strategies and Techniques
10. Early Parenting
11. Pre-Parent Coaching

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