Passionate Relationships

Are you working towards finding greater fulfillment in your personal relationships?
Do you want to better understand your current relationship?
Do you want to make your relationship a thriving one?
Relationship coaching can help you achieve this and much, much more.

Are you working towards finding greater fulfillment in your personal relationships?
Do you want to better understand your current relationship?
Do you want to make your relationship a thriving one?
Relationship coaching can help you achieve this and much, much more.

At Inner Peace, our unique Relationship Coaching is designed to help you understand all facets of a relationship, the relationship dynamics from romantic relationships to family relationships to friendships. An all encompassing coaching program, it helps you create your relationship vision and help you achieve it, so as to enjoy a satisfying relationship or enhance the current levels of enjoyment in your present relationship.

We can also help you deal with issues like different insecurities, handling break-ups and conflict resolution, among others. Effective for singles and couples alike, our program will help you understand the essence of your partnership expectations, navigate around issues and create a safe haven for you to come face to face with your deepest fears and discover your true passions and desires. We aim to shed the light of awareness into the deepest nooks and corners of your heart, bringing your resentment, fear and other issues into light, lightening your burden and letting you live a life filled with abundant joy, happiness and satisfaction.

As a Relationship Coach in India, we can help you to create a harmonious relationship by adopting one or more of the below

Overcoming Fear of Abandonment

Loving your Imperfect Partner

Strategies to overcome Jealousy in Relationships

Learning to Trust your Partner again

Obsessive Thoughts Destroying the Relationships

The Marriage Anxiety

Pre-marriage Coaching

Our clients also ask us about-

Why Relationships Matter?

The relationships we have with other people lie at the heart of life. Relationships make everything magical. It fashions and transforms our outlook towards life. Without relationships,  we could not have seen our realities.

Diener & Seligman state, “‘…Very happy people have rich and satisfying social relationships and spend little time alone relative to average people.”

A thriving relationship helps us in Goal Realization and Need fulfillment by offering support and Promoting healthy behavior.

Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching is a positive relationship between the practitioner and the client built on trust, acceptance, and empathy. They agree on shared goals and work together on tasks designed to bring a positive outcome.

Coaches help people understand, “What does Relationship mean to them?” What is the purpose for being in a particular relationship, and how can they mutually benefit from it.

We usually focus on Others in a relationship and fulling needs instead of sharing the joy of the relationship and growing.

A Relationship Coach, assists in moving beyond expectations and labels, which is the cause for POWER STRUGGLE in any relationship.

A Coach would help you understand when do feel Secure or challenged and Vulnerable in a relationship.

Coaches will also assist in reframing your beliefs about your relationship and empower you with a belief system that works for you.

Relationship Capital or Social Capital

can be defined as the sum of durable, trustworthy, reciprocal and resource-rich network connections.”,

It is the degree of interconnectedness among a person’s social contacts and the amount of “glue” that ties the individual network members together

To build Relationship Capital, an individual has to interact with others, such as talking together, working and playing together, visiting each other, joining social organizations, and participating in social events.”

Appreciation Builds and nurtures Relationship capital while Blame, Anger, Guilt, nagging depletes it.

John Gottman has rightly construed, “One negative interaction needs at least 5 Positive Interaction to balances the social capital.

Ingredients that can affect the Relationship capital
either positively or negatively.

Why Relationships Fail?

“Why is the individual committed to his relationships?”

Commitment is the degree to which the individual is motivated to maintain the relationship and the commitment level depends on understanding decisions to remain in relationships

Sometimes people enter relationships because they crave attention or want their needs met. They splinter eventually when proper boundaries are not set, or there are high expectations which creates a Co-Dependency

You Are Responsible

Susan Scott of Fierce Conversation has rightly said that “you are 100% responsible for 50% part of your relationship”. You cannot expect your partner to carry all the load, do you? You are responsible for YOUR Happiness.

The psychology behind what creates or disengages people in a relationship.

John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth, in the 20th Century, worked on attachment patterns in infants that could help them develop better, socially and emotionally. Infants grow into adults who develop versions of these secure, anxious, and avoidant attachments patterns.

Your attachment style is essentially a blueprint of your basic assumptions about safety and trust. Although it may sound simple, your attachment style can have far-reaching consequences. Security and trust often determine whether you can successfully collaborate, give and receive support, and handle conflict, so attachment theory gives us a simple schematic for understanding the basic building blocks that each person contributes to the foundation of a relationship.

Your attachment patterns can typically interpret why you behave how you behave in any relationship. People exhibit Secure and Insecure Styles, and the insecure pattern is expressed by being anxious or avoidant. Understanding your attachment patterns and that of your partners is where the coach can be beneficial and empower you to handle your situation better.

Download the link and find Your Insecure Attachment Type Questionnaire.

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