Parenting – A Relationship that Nurtures Future

Parenting – A Relationship that Nurtures Future

Are happy families rapidly becoming extinct in this new age of limitless possibilities? In this age of groundbreaking technological developments and global interconnectedness, keeping in touch with one’s own immediate family seems like a daunting task. Sitting around the fire while sharing a sumptuous meal and funny anecdotes seem confined only to special occasions and holidays. Senior citizens who are relegated to assisted living have become commonplace, a liability that has to be swiftly taken care of. This is the generation of instant fixes. More and more families are adopting a nuclear style of co-existence, as opposed to the joint family system of yesteryears.

In today’s world, parenting has become almost equivalent to running a marathon. In a mad dash to meet deadlines and official responsibilities, children are left at daycare centers or tuition centers. As they grow older, they prefer the world of video games and TV dinners, never having had the chance to interact at a deeper level. Parenting just boils down to provision, and nothing more. The result shouldn’t come as a surprise when more and more children resort to violence fuelled by angst and unresolved feelings. I have seen this played out on numerous occasions in the widely popular Crime series on BBC. Excessive abandonment triggers a deep psychological need to vent and commit audacious crimes. Why is this important? Perhaps to realize how widespread dysfunction can spread for lack of adequate parental support and love. There are always exceptions to the rule, but prevalent psychosocial disorders are inevitably the result of dysfunctional homes. Teenage rebellion is a rite of passage, but coupled with bad parenting is a potent cocktail for disaster. Rehabilitation and therapy can work effectively for the individual, but the damage is already done. We shall explore why good parenting is the need of the hour.

Good parenting is a byproduct of stable committed relationships, where people are mutually invested.

That is the bedrock for creating happy homes, where children thrive. Setting boundaries, establishing good rapport and creating an atmosphere of discipline don’t happen by chance. They are the result of some “serious work” that couples diligently have worked upon. The ripple effects of this kind of parenting are immeasurable, seen over generations. You may ask, Why is this information important to me? Because, you, my friend have the potential to create positive change in your family and impact it in more ways than you imagine. Children in today’s age are bombarded with tons of information, and the relentless drive to compete is starting at a younger age. They need to know they can rely on YOU. They need to know that you will be available and non-judgmental. The statistics for teenage suicides are unbelievable. The World is a dangerous place, where bullying and verbal insults can wreck the kind of damage that will render a child completely devoid of emotion. The importance of having a home that is welcoming and a safe haven can’t be emphasized enough.

Parenting, like any art, requires some sacrifices and a lot of work,  that needs to be perfected over time. In all the years of being a coach, the number one principle that stands out is, TIME. Ironically, that is the one thing that’s in short supply. Children need time, lots of it, in order to handle life’s demands. Go on walks, fishing trips or a road trip. Sometimes, young children need additional support mechanisms to cross over into adolescence. They need to see relationships being modeled in front of them. They need to know that their parents love each other.

If you feel that your parenting skills need a little brushing up, you can always reach out to a relationship expert or a coach who can help you get there. Many couples feel overwhelmed by sudden outbursts and persistent “violent behavior”. It’s crucial to handle such situations with extreme caution, and not retaliate. One of the first steps in the right direction is to discover your image for a happy family and those of others in your family. The next logical step would align all members of the family with some common values, knowing well that each and every member have their own image of a happy family.


I use a technique called family wheel for improvement, and set a vision for an empowered family and identify beliefs that hold you back from becoming an empowered family before I coach on how to build an empowered family. Whether you are a new parent and want to learn the ropes or you are an experienced one dealing with teenage angst, reach out to a coach who can give you the tools to master parenting. The end result? To create an empowered family that’s high on synergy.


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