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Tips to Become Better at Solving Problems

Learn to identify problems and generate effective solutions. Discover different problem-solving skills and tools. If I ask you, What do most people do when faced with a problem in life? You would probably reply either of the below- They can choose to adopt a victim mentality and let the problem control them. They may opt […]

Be the Architect of Your Own Destiny

Your desire to succeed is more important than anything else. Albert Einstein was considered “dumb” and incapable of rational thought. Mozart’s talent was deemed “average”. But, those external labels did little to douse the flames of passion. Albert and Mozart went on to achieve great acclaim, and are forever enshrined in the annals of history. […]

Energy Dynamics

A high degree of engagement coupled with a passion that could be stated as “killer instinct” is a sure determiner of success in any venture. Energy could be either catabolic or anabolic. Most often, individuals operate from a default perspective which implies they usually don’t think much before reacting. But at other times, our responses flow […]