An Alternative Way to Handle Bed-Wetting

bedwettingBedwetting, or Nocturnal Enuresis, refers to the unintentional passage of urine during sleep. An extremely embarrassing disorder that can almost radically alter an individual’s lifestyle, and almost render him/her a societal pariah. Bedwetting still occurs on all nights for 15% of all five-year-old kids, and about 3% of all 15 years olds. Almost all children have done so early in their childhood with no significant repercussions, barring parental rebuke.

It attains the form of a debilitating disorder if it continues in adulthood, and almost singlehandedly renders the individual helpless to the extent of an individual shunning the public eye. The most noted consequence of Bedwetting is that children suffer from issues of confidence and self-esteem.


Children have “fragile egos”, and a little moderation in dealing with issues can serve to be the crucial factor that leads to a child eventually outgrowing the disorder. However, a medical test must be carried out to rule out any other illness that might be the contributing factor.

Nevertheless, it should always be remembered that in the majority of cases, the cause is simply a habit.

For adults, this can be devastating. Antidiuretic hormone (ADH) signals your kidneys to slow down the production of urine. For some individuals, their bodies don’t produce enough ADH and at other times, tumors can obstruct theurinary passage. An XRAY or Ultrasound of the kidneys can be the primary step in assessing the extent of the damage. I think it’s highly important at this stage to reiterate the importance of getting the correct diagnosis. Many individuals have paid a huge price in terms of the sheer magnitude of money spent and a complete waste of time in gaining a secondary opinion. The medical industry is definitely not the same as it was years ago, and the importance of ascertaining the cause of the problem can’t be emphasized enough.

I remember reading “Chicken Soup for the Soul” by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. Story upon story stressed the importance of having a supportive network of family and friends who rallied for the individual’s recovery. And that brings me to the all-important point “There’s so much that medicine can do”.  It’s a positive attitude and a supportive network that eventually restores the individual to a degree of normalcy despite the rigors of the treatment and the uncertainty about the road ahead. Lisa Ray’s “The Yellow Diaries” became viral because it gave people an option to connect the dots and identify with the individual, thereby generating public empathy and support. Resolving this issue is more than achieving nighttime dryness. It’s also working on your child’s confidence and self-esteem.



With the advancement of neurosciences, it is now clearer than ever before that, our minds are continuously creating new neural pathways. This is the key to an alternative solution to Bedwetting, i.e. NLP.

In my experience, inducing an alternate state in the affected person, the required outcomes can be reinforced and repeated over a period of time, it will then become a part of unconscious competence and will be transformed into a habit of staying dry at nights. I use a series of activities like drawings, visualization and guided imagery over a period to help the client build an unconscious connection to resources which is already within the client.


Depending on the client’s habits, we might need to redesign some of the habits like drinking water, waking up at night for toilets including how the fears associated with bedwetting are handled.

When faced with a debilitating issue which may range from severe to mild, it’s important to realize the power of networks and building bridges. Someone has rightly said, “A problem shared is a problem halved.”

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