The SEI assessments are the only tests based on the Six Seconds EQ Model.

Developed in 1997 to help people put the theory of emotional intelligence into action, the Six Seconds Model consists of three significant pursuits (macro areas) with eight underlying competencies (shown in the graph below). This model leads people make decisions that are truly effective:

  • Know Yourself -

    Know Yourself is increasing self-awareness. It helps people gain insight into the emotional drivers of behavior.

  • Choose Yourself -

    Choose Yourself is building self-management and self-direction. It helps people identify key goals, follow intentions, and proactively solve problems.

  • Give Yourself -

    Give Yourself is aligning daily choices with a larger sense of purpose. It helps people put their vision and values in action, maintain healthy relationships, and build thriving teams and organizations.

Online or on paper, self-assessment for adults has been extensively tested and normed in multiple languages. There is a range of reports for different needs:

  • DR (Development Report) -

    The Development Report drills into all eight competencies with detailed suggestions to foster growth and change for a wide range of audiences.

  • LR (Leadership Report) -

    The Leadership Report links EQ skills to important outcomes for those in a management role.

  • GR (Group Report) -

    A Group Report offers a snapshot of the mix of competencies in a team or unit.

The SEI and selected reports are available in English, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Indonesian, and French.