Do you fear the Conflicts? Or, do you see it as a learning experience? Encountering conflict can be challenging, especially when you consider the dire consequences. All too often, we place limit on our effectiveness, by being in conflict with self, others or becoming engaged in debilitating power struggles. Conflicts sever your unconscious mind, splitting it into warring factions and preventing it from performingat an optimal level. Instead, conflicts create a vicious cycle, by lowering your energy levels and preventing you from attaining a holistic view of the problem. However, the fact remains that conflicts present a valuable opportunity for both growth and learning, even if it is often overlooked.

We at Inner Peace present a practical paradigm for resolving conflicts, providing you with insights into your personal conflict resolution style and triggers that may be counterproductive or destructive. We use a unique method, outlined below, to encourage self-discovery and kindle personalized solutions and strategies:-

  1. We first identify the conflicting parts and understand the nature of the conflict.
  2. We then elicit the part’s true intentions, the underlying intents behind the behavior.
  3. We then help both the parts realize that they have the same positive intentions as it helps dissolve all perceived boundaries between them. As the conflict between the parts is resolved, integration occurs and the person feels complete and congruent, a super part that is totally in alignment with itself. Rest assured, we’ll equip you with new insights, ideas and tools to help you move on, into progressive forward momentum