Discovering the Coach Within You

Do you know why Coaching is Trending

in the job market these days?

Find out what it needs to polish the Coach within you ?

Each of us was born with an internal guidance system that, if followed, will naturally lead us to the realization of our desires. That’s the coach within you…

How do you nurture it and bring out its full potential..?

“Your task is that of altering, not abolishing.”

—Milton H. Erickson (Source code of NLP)

NLP techniques can be handy and powerful tools

Join me in this Zoomterview  where we will help you out
with these amazing questions…

How to Discover your Life’s Purpose?
How can you find Best-Fit role for Yourself?
What is your Personal Mission for the Next Session of Life?
Ask yourself are you a Good Coach?

NLP is a remote control to DISCOVER THE COACH WITHIN YOU

Save the date because it’s the time to Discover You, Find your Passion, Life Purpose and Take Action. 

With this webinar you will get to know why it is important to discover the coach within you and dare to explore your power to do more!

JOIN ME for this zoomterview to find out more about what NLP can equip you with and make you empowered, congruent and unbelievably resourceful.





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Free Self Assessment on Strength – Self Efficacy Scale

The purpose of the SSES is to assess individuals’ perceived efficacy in utilizing their personal strengths
in their daily life across a variety of contexts, including work and educational settings.