Value Based Education

A workshop on the theme “Value Based Education ” was conducted for around 50 + teachers of Goa.

The workshop was designed & facilitated by Coach Ateequr Rahaman who highlighted how the traditional education system is focused more on facing competitions and challenges rather than learning and becoming empowered human beings.

Inspirational stories, short video clips, visuals and demos were used during the workshop.
In the second part of the event the trainer emphasized on the need of Value Based Education and the effective role of teachers in bringing about the transformation in students with regards to values and Integrity. Rather than trying to become someone else, we can contribute even better if we become who we actually are. Removing the mask we have learned to accept and live by and connecting to our true inner self is one of the key elements of Self-Empowerment.
Different NLP CONCEPTS were used to explain different techniques of self-empowerment and also empowering students.

The management along with the teachers who attended the workshop commented positively about the learning’s from the event.

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The workshop was very Interesting, Enriching & Empowering.


The impact of the workshop will last for long on our minds & we will definitely use the lessons from the workshop in our lives.