Understanding Your Relationships

Relationships in today’s world are not merely made in heaven. We as individuals are different people and each one of us is unique. Similarly, relationships are unique and they need to be handled depending on who you are and who you are with?

For pursuing one’s dream people often forget that there are other people who need their time, commitment, communication and presence for keeping the relationship going. We all know that there are good and bad times in a relationship. If you are married for a year or more than 20 years it does not really matter. What matters is whether you are stable, comfortable with your spouse in private, public, in your thoughts, with friends during conversation etc. or not? You need to ask certain questions to yourselves and you would know the answer. Relationships are not always smooth and have a rough patch, be it for the short or long run.

NLP here helps you gain the individual in you, emphasize with your partner, love yourself more and shorten the distance that has been created between you and your partner virtually or physically. It has worked for those who have always tried and have held back their emotions of anger, rage and lowered their expectations being on the other side of the table.

Nowadays many couples are having issues with each other which are either due to lack of communication or stress in the daily routines or any other factor which is ignored. This ends up in a boring relationship and an incorrigible behavior which one finds irritating after some time. A lot of negativity and stress is created by different processing of thought around. Silly arguments end up in big fights. The smaller the issue the bigger the problem hence in order to resolve such issues NLP ensures an individual to gain perspective and helps in reducing the daily stress. After NLP coaching you think and act. There are no silly arguments and if they are, you are good with words hence you deal with situations in a better manner.

Relationships are based on regular communication, trust, and stress-free atmosphere. If you have to sustain in a relationship you need to understand you and your partner’s thought process which forms the base of any relationship.

After many years of living together, couples find it very difficult to get along and keep the inner peace within them. What annoys most of them is the habits one has and do not quit even after several reminders. Be it for a woman to everyday clean the mess created by her husband in the house or not indulging much in the household chores. Similarly from a husband’s point of view keeping the house clean is a woman’s job. Some men also think that they tend to work outside and women are meant to work household chores. As a couple, one needs to understand that there are things which can be split and done over and above gender. As now the woman can work as well as cook, men on the other hand also can work as well as cook and do any big or small task when it comes to the household.

The same situation can be seen in different ways and people tend to form different opinions depending on who they are. A man will think different in the same situation and being a woman it will take a very different angle. The world can be different for any particular situation from our eyes. In other words, The world you live in is different from the world your spouse life and is different from the world each one live in. Each one of us, see the world and create a world from their own perspective. NLP helps us makes the relationship bond stay strong and long lasting.

Insecure thoughts can lead to insecure relationships. Rani’s mind was always gripped in insecurities, like what I have done to upset him. What did I do wrong this time? Her Love life was more of endeavor to please her husband and keep him connected. But after years of living a life with insecurity, she was on pills for anxiety and depression. After 4 sessions, she realized that she had a beautiful family and all her thoughts her own creations. Today after 18 years of marriage she is very happy with her husband and kids.

NLP also makes one ready to handle situations by willing to understand your partner’s perspective on things. Once you get what he or she thinks and what he or she expects you will easily make your way to a long lasting relationship.

One major factor which the couples ignore nowadays is the passion in them to keep the love alive and the relationship young and worthy. Love is not missing, each one tries to be with the other, share their dreams but to fulfill their dreams, they forget the passion which keeps them going. The relationship is for two people to walk together in different phases of life. If the man walks separately pursuing his dreams and so the woman, the relationship loses its charm. Dreams need to be common and love needs are real. NLP helps here by letting the other person follow the passion of love and making the other person feel important. If you have common goals and back of each other, you are definitely doing it correctly.

Armesh, who was not so good loving, loved his beautiful wife to the core. But always he had this fear, should I feel threatened, Should I be less attentive. He was concerned about if he was worthy enough to have a beautiful wife and that was his problem.

Simple formula to understand your relationship. Is it about me, Is it about you or Is it about us.

  1. When it’s all about me – your focus is on your needs and what you are getting out of relationship.
  2. When it’s about us – your focus is about meeting your needs as well as your partners and together we will take care of each other. If I can’t take care of your needs, I am out of the relationship.
  3. When your needs are my needs – you take complete responsibility of how your partner feels. Your Partner is always no.1 and his or her needs are priority always.

Women who are homemakers need to understand that you have a lot more to do than just this. Your husband needs your attention and you can always get some time out for a candle light dinner or a movie outing. With children, life does get more challenging, but life is just one, you need to make things work. The sooner you realize it would be better for you in the longer run. On the other hand, men need to support women mentally and emotionally. No woman will like if her husband doesn’t appreciate her for the things she does for the family. We all need to be respected, loved and cared.

I have worked with clients who had issues in relationships dealing with fears of commitment, rejection and abandonment. Sometimes being obsessive about your partner can strain relationships and widen the gaps between partners. One of my client’s wrote back to me, The more I learnt about being independent in my relationship, I have suddenly started seeing my husband changing his attitude towards me. He is giving more importance and priority to my needs now and I am feeling great.

Some simple solutions which I teach my clients have changed their perceptions about relationship. Learning …….

  1. How to build trust?
  2. How to give more space to your partner.
  3. How can I love my partner with imperfections?
  4. How can I be more romantic?
  5. How Can I be independent in my relationship?

We all have just one life and let’s all try to make an attempt to be happy and give our best to our loved ones. Be it a relationship with children or husband or for that matter any other person, we need to fix problems, improve ourselves, be good listeners and coach ourselves to be better individuals. We need to remember that however small the problem in a relationship it is, you have to get it resolved else it will make your problems in life bigger.

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