U2.0 – Your Upgraded Version

A step to find Your Version II


Imagine you were given a magic wand and asked to design your future, what would you do?


Increase Your Bank Balance

Change Your Image

Design the best version of yourself, which would help you to achieve anything and everything you always wanted.


In this 2 days’ workshop we will help you to design your best Version (U2.0).

This Workshop will equip you with the tools acquired from NLP, Reiki, EFT, Energy Coaching and many other workshops I have attended and being certified to train by John Grinder the Co-Creator of NLP.

What this workshop has for you and how will this help you to design Your Better Version U2.0″

Wheel Of Life

Many people ASK, How can I balance my life? How can I balance my Work and family life, my career and educational life, My Spirituality and Fun life? Using wheel of Life Tool, we will help you to gain perspective of your life and create a map of your perception. Once you have the map, then the journey on the terrain of life becomes easier than you thought.

Each hour you spend in the workshop will equip you with advanced tools & skills.

How Do You Create Your Reality?

Whatever you are at this point of time is YOUR results in Life. You have created it.. If you know what the ingredients of your reality are, how did you create your reality? Are you happy with the results in your life, in your career, in your relationships, in your spirituality? How could you change that and have a Results of your Choice.

Connect to your source Code and make the change you want in life.

What stops you from becoming Your Best Version?

What or who holds you back. What would you be, if you could break those chains and free yourself from whatever is limiting you.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself free of all your limiting beliefs ad thoughts. See what you see, hear what you hear and feel what you feel, the new you….

Learn 6 New Techniques to break your chains and set YOUR BEST VERSION Free.

Core Needs Management

Your Needs drives you. When these needs go unmet for too long, we can suffer anxiety, depression, addiction or some other emotional problem, & because this develops over time, it can be easily overlooked, leaving us confused about why we’ve got this problem. Knowing them & ensuring you meet them healthily, at least most of the time, will transform your life.

Equip yourself with a tool to identify what & how your Needs are met & how to fulfill them even better.

How To Reset Your Health?

Health is not just the absence of disease. It is communication with each cell of your body. Many people consider, “Health is Wealth”. Absolutely true. Learn habits that will activate energy capsules in cell of your body and keep you energized.

Learn techniques that will help you to understand why your cells are in DIS-EASE Condition and How to Reset your health?

Your Toolkit

How would you feel, if you had a toolbox which can work for every situation? Yes, in this session, you will not only learn but also be trained to use these tools.

Tool for Manifestation, Tool for Pain Destroyer
Tool for Emotional Blocks, Tool for Handling Past Memories
Tool for Handling Anxiety of Future Events


Integrating all that you learnt in this workshop and designing YOUR BEST VERSION – U2.0

“Don’t wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what?! Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful.”

– Mark Victor Hansen
Author of The One Minute Millionaire

Course Schedule & Pricing

Module 1 (2 Days)

Location – Hyderabad

Dates 1 – 2nd April


Early Bird Price – Up till 15th March – Rs. 20,000

Registration Up till April – Rs. 25,000 

This Workshop is a culmination of years of learning and training acquired across the globe. Visit the link to find more about the facilitator. Sajid Ahamed


Join us on a Voyage of Self-Discovery

After going through the Course content of the workshop, you will easily understand the latent potential within you that is still unlocked. Realizing the power that lies within is you is half the battle won.  Register for this Course and Gift Yourself with YOUR BEST VERSION – U2.0

Register here for the course. My team will get back to you in 24 hrs.