The Question of Balance

True Self-care is not salt baths and chocolate cake, it is making the choice to build a life you don’t need to regularly escape from, remarked a wise philosopher and is the perfect starting point for this foray into finding balance.

Finding balance is all about the ability to manage all of life’s demands like a master juggler, handling the professional and the personal with remarkable dexterity. It should be a cakewalk, but it’s a tightrope. No wonder, the vast majority of us struggle to find that sweet spot!  When Eat, Pray, Love released worldwide, I was among one of its first connoisseurs, and I absolutely identified with the character that Julia Roberts portrayed in the movie. How absolutely delightful to roam the ancient city and eat pasta at a quaint roadside café, or go on a bicycling spree through the lush countryside. Surely, this was the antidote to life’s demands. But, how many of us can really invest that kind of time into such pursuits?

The answer is surprisingly simple and almost contradictory.  We have been raised with the all-encompassing belief that the more complex the answer, the more value it possesses. Sometimes, the answers to life’s great questions are surprisingly simple. Maybe it’s time to pause a little and breathe in. Funnily enough, most individuals consider pausing as a sort of crime. Statements like, “ I can’t afford to slow down” are considered wise. Not really!

We all have heard the antidote to life’s major stressors, “eat right, sleep right, meditate and a host of other practices like yoga and tai- chi. I am a vigorous advocate of the above-mentioned practices, and if practiced resolutely can lead to great results.

But, I also think it’s time for us to practice a radical way of being. Whoever coined the term “mini-vacations’ deserves applause. It’s the ability to temporarily disconnect from one’s surroundings and explore a new vista, and No, it doesn’t always mean packing a suitcase and heading to some exotic location. I think there is great danger in saying, “I will do it at a later date, and more often than not, life stuns us, and we aren’t left with enough time. Lisa Ray’s path-breaking book, “Close to the Bone” explores the pathos when life hits you unexpectedly and you have nothing left to do but fight, and it’s a race against time. No pun intended. There is no better time than the present to UNWIND.

It’s extremely important to prioritize and introspect as to why we do the things we do. It’s equally important to have a game plan and decide on deadlines, but not to be consumed by them. We are not machines and were never designed to operate without a break in the pattern. The four dimensions, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual have to work in harmony in order to achieve maximum balance. There is a very powerful point that I would like to stress upon here,

Passion fuels creativity. But it’s equally important to realize when to shut down the phone and head into the woods for a walk. Be creative. Think of ways to engage with the world. It can be downright simple but it has the power to bring stillness to the raging demands that life sometimes imposes!

The statistics for an average individual’s life expectancy is alarming. And it’s on the rise.  In a desperate bid to win, we have forgotten to live. And, clocking hours like a maniac is not a wise move! Let’s get back to the basics and discover the incredible power of stillness, and in so doing conserve energy for great ventures.

Creating the perfect rhythm with all the four dimensions of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual is hard work. But consider it as preparation for making categorical decisions. As one wise philosopher remarked, “It’s not the short sprint. It’s the battle that matters, and every successful entrepreneur can vouch for the fact that marathons are not won easily.”

Reading a book on “finding balance” is great, but one has to discover what works, or in other words, find your unique combination. What makes you tick, and then follow it down to the T. I found the perfect balance not on a trip to Switzerland, but on a rainy day with a steaming cup of coffee. Remarkable, Isn’t it? The Power of Simple!!!!

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