Blood Pressure under control

It was something amazing, surprising, and giving relaxation. It proves the love towards humanity. Like an angel the coach was spending time and ability. I was worried because of high blood pressure, after a single session of around two and hours only I get the problem kicked off. Now always measuring normal. Not only health but for my career also it is a tool of development and achievement.

AYESHA MUJAHID(Radio Jockey) | Qatar.WikiTravel

Handling Panic Attacks

Sessions helped me significantly in controlling my anxiety and I could develop positive attitude towards the problems of life and developed ability to have control over my emotions.

Mrs. Saba(Homemaker) | India.Media Wiki

Out of Depression…

I am feeling v light headed without any negative thought or feeling in it as if I have got a new mind. I learned how to balance my emotions.  I feel almost every individual need this. There is such a big change in your thoughts & emotions that will lead to positive thinking & definitely a successful life……

PARSHURAM POUDEL(Civil Engg) | QatarMax Mobilcom

I found myself

I want to thank you for the monumental moments you gave me and are yet unfolding. You did give me merry memory ride instead of my dummy days, which now seems to be left behind, or never did it happen. You let me out of the dark well, I had fallen into and gave me rope and hope to get out of it. Thank You.

Ms EilaafStudent (Graduate) | QatarDoom Inc

Handling Insecurities in relationships

Thank you Coach Sajid. You are a brilliant coach with the ability to unleash the unseen n get one to the path of freedom. You have walked side by side with me like a shadow to bring out the best in me and today i stand tall with new standards set for myself and taking my life to a whole new level! Asante sana!

S.Moez (Interior Designor) | Tanzania


My cold and allergic reactions have gone down….  I’m a lot better now as I don’t cough or  sneeze as frequently as before and almost never have tingling sensations in my eyes and nose and best of all, I don’t have those annoying nose blocks anymore…… My sleep schedule is slowly improving………Thanking you for all your effort

Aisha (Student) | Qatar

A magical session

Sajid is a true magician! He was adept at getting to the core of issues, which helped me move on. I felt so much lighter after the session and I had a really sound sleep, for a change.  When life throws lemons at you and you don’t know what to do with them, Sajid is your go-to person. He will not only teach you how to make lemonade, but also transform lemons into oranges and throw it right back at life!

C.Mary (Freelance Consultant) | Dubai

Morning without Migraine

The persistent head ache due to migraine which kept nagging me early morning every day ….. was no more. After the session I felt a lot lighter and relaxed. I was also able to peep into myself. The audio sessions and other workouts recommended by the coach helped a lot.

Fathima (Student) | Qatar