Use Stress To Rebuild Your Life

Use Stress To Rebuild Your Life

This world is spinning at a maddening pace, and it demands exceptional brilliance both at a personal and professional level. Therefore, it is not a surprise that more and more people feel unable to cope with the demands of daily life. It’s known fact that as we age, Energy Demand of the body increases while the energy Capacity decreases, which naturally leads to fatigue and low energy states and acts as a perfect ground for stress.Richard Lazarus put it across succinctly, “a condition or feeling experienced when a person perceives that demands exceed the personal and social resources the individual is able to mobilize.”Faced with a stressful situation, an individual either fight it or runs away from it, commonly referred to as the “fight or flight response.” Some of the common indicators of stress are constant headaches, sweaty palms, angry outbursts, social isolation and difficulties in concentration to name just a few.

Stress is a built-in mechanism which the human body utilizes to develop at the expense of body energy. For this process to work at its optimum capacity, the energy expenditure pattern of the body needs to be balanced with intermittent energy recovery periods.

An example of Overuse is a workaholic and that of underuse can be a fractured leg on plaster, both have an issue which needs to be dealt with. A person who is not subjected to enough stress may have physical and Spiritual issues while a person who does not have enough recovery may be challenged mentally and emotionally.

How you condition yourself decides your recovery pattern. Like when you work-out in a gym, you are actually using the available energy in the muscles by creating a level of stress for your muscles. This creates a stimulus for growth and later when the muscles undergo a recovery cycle, that when the muscles grow. So the principle is each stress cycle should be altered with a recovery period for optimum growth. This will lead to full engagement. Another important point to be remembered here is that Strategic recovery can prevent involuntary recovery.

In this article, we shall delve deep into recovery Techniques to effectively use the stress and why it’s so important to address it seriously. How you react to Stress is a wide spectrum of techniques and psychotherapies aimed at balancing a person’s level of stress, especially chronic stress, usually for the purpose of improving everyday functioning.” Expanding energy in one dimension can bring recovery in another. The four dimensions of personality being Spiritual, mental, emotional and Physical. Below I have enlisted few techniques to enhance recovery after exposure to stressful cycle in life.

1. Sleeping Right– Most people don’t realize the incredible health benefits of sleeping adequately. Less sleep leads to difficulties in concentration and a reduction in problem-solving abilities. That, in turn, magnifies existing problems and leads to poor decisions that affect every sphere of life.

2. A Balanced Diet– This seems like a no-brainer but most individuals survive on junk food, while thoroughly eliminating a balanced diet. Proper nourishment can help individual combat stress.

3. A Strong Network of Friends & Family– No man is an island and we all need a strong circle of dependable friends who can shoulder the burden in times of crisis.

4. The Power of Mini Vacations– Sometimes, it’s important to remove oneself from a conflicting situation and head for a mini- vacation. It definitely offers a fresh perspective. Short vacations can be as beneficial as extended getaways. A short trip to the mountains, minus the rigors and professional demands, can revive the soul.

5. Guided Meditation – Worrying about the past, present and the future comes naturally to most of us. When practiced religiously it causes irreversible damage to our bodies. Therefore, it’s important to listen to guided meditations and soft calming music either at the beginning of the day or at the end.

6. Visualization– It’s a powerful tool to achieve both personal and professional success. Some of the World’s top athletes have used this technique successfully to achieve personal mastery. Jim Carrey, the famous Hollywood comedian par excellence used the power of visualization and the rest is history.

7. Aromatherapy– is a relaxation technique that makes the use of essential oils. Most of these oils have mood stabilizing and mood enhancement properties. A trip to the spa once in a while can work wonders for one’s health.

8. Nature – Nature has an amazing way of calming frayed nerves. A short trip to the park, trekking across the mountain trail or simply going for a fishing trip has a host of benefits. Breathing in the clean mountain air, or just hearing the sound of the river rushing past feeds the soul and calms the mind. It would be a great idea to leave one’s smartphone behind on these excursions.

9. Yoga and Tai-Chi– These ancient practices sharpen mental dexterity and focus. They have a ton of benefits both for the mind and body if practiced daily. Needless to mention, they are a great start to the day.

10. The Power of Gratitude– Thaddeus Golas remarked, “The best things in life are not only free, they are mostly invisible.” To be grateful for the small things in life is an art and it leads to a soul shift. It’s a deliberate focus on a superior power.  And more often than not, it is this attitude of constant thankfulness that puts us in a position to receive more.

Now, let’s be honest.

Coaching and NLP are the most useful tool that you can have in your toolbox.  There are a host of other recovery techniques as well.

The World that we live in will only continue to become more complex and unpredictable. It’s crucial to deal with stress effectively before it ruins our lives and our careers. Lets beat the “silent killer” before it leads to complete burnout. Now, that’s a battle worth fighting!!!