Relationship with Self

Relationship with Self

Relationship with Self

Relationship with self is the utmost important aspect of our life. You don’t really need  to depend on others in your life to make you feel happy and special. Studies have shown that no relationships, materialistic things can make you feel content in life. The only thing that you should yearn for is your relationship with yourself.

Relationship with Self

It won’t be wrong to say that your relationship with your own being is central to everything that happens in your life. The way you feel internally would also play an instrumental role in shaping your relationships with those around you. Trust me, you wont be able to fake a smile for long if you are internally in a state of turmoil, anxiety or depression. Thus your inner state of being would reflect how well things go out in your life.

At the end, we all crave to love and be loved in return. Doesn’t that give us a feeling of fulfillment? Acceptance of others make us feel worthy and lovable. Isn’t it? Not experiencing that emotional connection can actually lead to solitude and dejectedness in life. Thus, relationship with self should always remain the focal point. No matter what might happen around you, learning to connect with yourself is the baby step towards achieving true bliss and happiness in life. Depending on yourself is the best thing that you can do to yourself. People around you can change and they might disappoint you. Therefore, relying on others for your emotional stability is definitely not a desirable thing.

When you would abandon your own self, you would create a vacuum wherein you would start repelling those around you. Your lack of fulfillment inside would push people away and you might end feeling even more lonely and unloved. On the other hand, when you take responsibility for your own self, you open doors to embracing your weaknesses and negativities. Thus, this sense of deep inner fulfillment is what you should strive for.

One thing which we should remember is that we cannot fill others life with love and happiness if we are void inside. Believe me, you cannot connect with others till you are connected with your own inner being. Also, social isolation and loneliness are results of inner loneliness and connection with self. Also, your inner self is your sole partner in times of stress, anxiety and depression. Therefore, developing a relationship with your inner self should be your ultimate goal.

Relationship with Self

According to a renowned novel namely Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, people living in connected communities are healthier than those who live in isolated places. Hence, connection with self is important as it impacts your relationship with others. When we lose connect with our self and fail to feel the compassion, then we lose the ability to feel compassion for others. Someone has rightly said that when you make yourself a priority, you don’t fear people around you. At the end, what really matters is how much you love yourself. No one can make you feel unwanted until you want to feel that way.


  • Improved relationships with people you really value and love.
  • Increased self esteem and positive attitude towards life.
  • Becoming aware of your weaknesses and acceptance for them.
  • Rejuvenation and enthusiasm to face everything with a positive spirit.
  • Emotional stability and balance in relationships and life.
  • Appreciating and embracing what you have in life.
  • Making the lives of others more worthwhile and wholesome.

When you will be connected with your own self, you will be filled with feelings of gratitude and forgiveness. This would help you to de clutter your life and you will be able to embrace negativities and deal with them courageously.

Try this simple exercise if you are wanting to begin your journey towards self introspection.

Close your eyes and repeat: “I am a miracle.”
Say it again.
Smile even wider.
Say it again.
Open your eyes.

These four magical words “I am a miracle” are all you need to be able to keep you going throughout the day despite emotional roller coasters which you might face.

Ever wondered, what is the greatest hurdle you face in loving yourself? It is nothing else but acceptance of others. We depend so much on what others think about ourselves and tend to forget that we all are different and unique in our own ways. This becomes the major obstacle in our path to enlightenment and love for ourselves.

Hence, in a nutshell, there is no stopping your way if you choose the path of loving yourself infinitely. Govern your life the way you want to and create your own joys, love, and happiness without depending on others around you.  In order to feel alive and vibrant every single day, you simply need to remind yourself that everything around you is transitory and ephemeral. You would start putting yourself on a higher pedestal the day you would realize that nothing is more important than your feelings and emotions.