Sajid Ahamed

Coach Sajid Ahamed a dynamic facilitator of changes that last, utilizes his expert skills across a broad spectrum of issues such as personality development, conflict resolution, combating depression, anger management, enhancing concentration, tackling self-esteem and confidence issues, parenting and child learning skills and stress in all its forms; panic attacks, insomnia, allergies, migraines, nightmares, obesity and heart issues, among others.

Relationship coaching being his forte, Coach Sajid provides transformational and authentic coaching for those who aim to get their relationships right. His specializations are in helping couples reconnect and rediscover their passion and handling break-ups and limitations.

Providing steadfast accountability, Coach Sajid empowers his clients to achieve their greatest potential and evolve into their personal best version. He strongly believes in an individual’s inherent ability to live happy and fulfilling lives and helps them unlock their inner potential. A firm believer in adopting a practical approach towards his clients, Coach Sajid creates a safe and trusting environment, wherein he gets to the core of the issues, allowing his clients to walk away with a meaningful action plan to kick-start their new lives!

Hailing from beautiful coastal town of Udupi, in the South-West Indian state of Karnataka, Coach Sajid carved out his career in Mechanical Engineering. His industrious quest for a meaning, beyond the mundane world of machines and equipment, led to Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), where his search finally came to a close.

A certified Neuro linguistic Programmer, Coach Sajid has a cumulative coaching experience of 350 hours so far, with a truly global clientele base, from India, Tanzania, the UAE, Qatar and the KSA. A firm believer in holistic healing, Coach Sajid is also a Master Practitioner of several healing modalities such as DNA Activation, Crystal Programming, USUI Reiki etc.

Coach Sajid is Internationally Certified by RSCI (Robert SIMIC Coaching Institute),  accredited to COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa) and Federation of NLP Coaching Professionals. He is a professionally certified:-

  • NLP Master Practitioner and Coach
  • Master Life Coach
  • Time Line therapy Master Practitioner
  • Relationship Coach
  • RSCI Coach
  • Guided Imagery

Coach Sajid is also an expert in Uncommon Knowledge modalities such as:-

  • The Rewind technique
  • How to Lift Depression Fast
  • Conversational Reframing
  • Smoking cessation

His additional accreditations include:-

1.  Empowered Learning Process – accredited International Association for Health and Learning ( ).

  • Empowering Learning Practitioner Level 1 – (Jumpstarting Literacy and Numeracy )
  • Certified Empowered Practitioner Level 2 – (Pathways to Learning)

2.  AAMET International (the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Therapies) accredited

  • EFT Practitioner level 1 Training
  • EFT Practitioner level 2 Training

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