Questions To Ask The Trainer

  • What is the format for the training course?
    It is face to face
  • How many days or hours?
    Core Skill – 5 days (10 hrs each day) ITA Certification – (Core Skills (5 days) + NLP Applications (4 days) + Assessment (1day))
  • If a day or module is missed for any reason, will there be an opportunity to catch up?
    Can make up for the lost day by attending the next training
  • Are the minimum suggested criteria for course content covered during the training?
  • Who are the Trainers and for how many hours will these Trainers be physically leading the training?
    Yes. Please find the link for trainer’s Profile.
  • What qualifications does the Trainer have?
    “Certified trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programing” by John Grinder (Co-creator of NLP), Carmen Bostic St Clair (Co-creator of New Code NLP) and Michael Carroll (Founder of International Training Academy). He had the opportunity to be trained by Dr. Richard Bandler as “Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming®”.
  • Is the training accredited or recognized by any body or organisation?
    Yes, The complete 10 days training is approved and certified by International Training Academy (ITA).
  • What is the cost of the course and, if relevant, is accommodation included or recommended?
    The Course fee is Rs 1,25,000. Please refer here for discounts and early bird prices. No Accommodation is not included in the fees. However, assistance can be provided to get affordable lodging facilities.
  • Apart from the training, are there any other conditions and costs in maintaining certificated status?
  • Where and when is the course held?
    Refer to this link for dates and location details.
  • Does the cost of the course include full refreshments, or drinks, or are all refreshments extra?
    Yes, the course fees is inclusive of 2 Coffee + Snacks + Lunch + Water
  • Will travelling to the course be easy? And are there alternative routes and modes of transport, if necessary?
  • Is there any pre-course work or written exam?
    We do not subscribe to the idea of pre-course study, we advise all participants to set the highest intention and participate in the course. Our trainers will take you there.
  • How are students assessed for competence?
    For Certification, there will a written examination and evaluation by an external Trainer certified by ITA.
  • Are manuals and handouts provided?
    Printed Manuals will be provided.
  • Are DVDs and/or CDs available or integral to the course?
  • What is the training company policy on cancellations and refunds?
    All Cancellation to be prior to start of Course.  After the start of the course, 7% will be deducted on paid overheads.
  • What is involved in the Certification process?
    The 10 days Intensive Training which includes a Mock Coaching Session + Written Examination + Evaluation of Participants ability to demonstrate NLP Patterns.
  • Is there any follow up or back up support offered, either during or after the course?
    Please refer to this link.