Are you working towards finding greater fulfillment in your personal relationships? Do you want to better understand your current relationship? Do you want to make your relationship a thriving one? Relationship coaching can help you achieve this and much, much more.

At Inner Peace, our unique Relationship Coaching is designed to help you understand all facets of a relationship, the relationship dynamics from romantic relationships to family relationships to friendships. An all encompassing coaching program, it helps you create your relationship vision and help you achieve it, so as to enjoy a satisfying relationship or enhance the current levels of enjoyment in your present relationship.

We can also help you deal with issues like different insecurities, handling break-ups and conflict resolution, among others. Effective for singles and couples alike, our program will help you understand the essence of your partnership expectations, navigate around issues and create a safe haven for you to come face to face with your deepest fears and discover your true passions and desires. We aim to shed the light of awareness into the deepest nooks and corners of your heart, bringing your resentment, fear and other issues into light, lightening your burden and letting you live a life filled with abundant joy, happiness and satisfaction.

Some of the points where we can help you to create a harmonious relationship are-

1. Overcoming Fear of Abandonment

2. Loving your Imperfect Partner

3. Strategies to overcome Jealousy in Relationships

4. Learning to Trust your Partner again

5. Obsessive Thoughts Destroying the Relationships

6. The Marriage Anxiety

7. Pre-marriage Coaching

Our clients also ask us about-

1. How do I get over a Relationship?

2. How to Handle Insecurities in Relationships?

3. Can I Overcome the Fear of Rejection?

4. Do I have Fear of Commitment?

5. How do I fill my Relationship with Love and Passion?

6. How do I become a Friend of my Husband?

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