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NLP Coach

Living a purposeful life brings inner peace and joy. It acts as source of energy and helps one to face any challenges in life and convert them to opportunities. In Today age where Jobs are becoming more scares and outsourcing is new magic mantra in the corporate circles, coaching is emerging as the fast growing alternative. Inner peace life coaching provides a full range of affordable Certified NLP Courses and coaching to individuals by experienced international trainers.

Coaching is much different from consultancy or Counselling. There an expert shares his / her expertise with all but in coaching, you decide in what area of your life you want improvement. Unlike training, where the agenda is set by the trainer, in coaching you decide the agenda. When you work with a coach, you really feel that you have someone who is 100% on your team, partnering with you to help you reach YOUR goals. A great coach actually becomes a bridge in your own actualization.

According to one estimate, “By 2020, one estimate is that 50% of the workforce will be contractors or be self-employed.” Mark Zuckerberg said, “Now we’re all entrepreneurial, whether we’re starting projects or finding our role. And that’s great. Our culture of entrepreneurship is how we create so much progress..”

According to 2016 ICF Global Coaching Study: Executive Summary, “the estimated global total revenue from coaching in 2015 was $2.356 billion USD, representing a 19% increase over the 2011 estimate.”

NLP Coaching

You might have noticed for yourself, mushrooming of Coaches in all areas of life with different modalities. Hence finding a proper accredited training pays off in the long run and especially when corporate world is hiring internal Coaches.

NLP is a trend setter in the Coaching world. Co-Created by John Grinder and Richard Bandler, NLP has offered the fastest solution to some of the most common faced problem. As John defines NLP as a “modelling technology which focuses on the difference that makes the difference between a genius and an average person, in the same field of activity.”

Why should you opt for this training?

Here’s what each one of you will learn:

  • Neuro: Tinker your thinking processes; use your senses in a better manner to have a sharper understanding of what’s happening around you.

  • Linguistic: Change the way you use language, and understand how it influences your behavior and of those around you

  • Programming: Learning how to organize your ideas and actions in innovative ways that produce outstanding results.

My earnest appeal for those who don’t know anything about NLP

Look towards a brighter future: Your past will no longer have any control on you.

Ask yourself? How can you outclass and outperform competition in today’s day and age? Especially when your peers are better educated, better qualified and have better international exposure than you have? Undoubtedly, now you can stop fretting fuming and repenting over the past. Simply, change the perception of each event through better neuro-association. That’s right. With our help, you will learn how to change the way you associate yourself with every event. The reason being that any event good or bad appears so because of your neuro-association with it. Change the neuro-association and you change the reality. If you are looking for NLP Training in Bangalore, Hyderabad or Delhi then Inner peace is a right place to start. As an NLP coach, you may a change work as fast as 15 mins, like MM has expressed in her feedback.

MM is now retired and wanted to enroll into NLP training Program but felt constrained financially.

15 mins over a coffee break change the way she saw the world and that changed her resourcefulness. “You really know what question to ask….that one question solved it all.” – MM, Mumbai.

Or it can take longer than that…

One of my client, who had been married for more than 15 years and without any children – “I tried everything medically possible. 4 miscarriages followed by 3 IVFs without any success. In fact I was losing hope, then I decided to try NLP and after carefully monitoring 3 months of NLP session, I conceived after 15 years…” – Z.K.S.A.M, A homemaker from Bangalore.

Embracing NLP is the best life-altering decision you will ever take

It just takes few days of training to retrain yourself in reacting better to situations that are roadblocks or challenges in daily life. You cannot change what happens to your life, but you can definitely change the perception of it and you can change your response to it. And that will ensure you are in a better state, when something similar occurs next time around.

No Risk now, no risk later…cent-percent satisfaction guaranteed!

The best gift you can give yourself.

Get ready to embrace a better, brighter future, full of possibilities.

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