Nazneen Sadat

Dr. Nazneen Sadat is a certified NLP practitioner and her core specializations include, resolving family disputes, marital counselling, teen age counselling, parenting, educational issues of children, resolving the emotional issues, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia and others. She believes in the inherent ability of every mind to heal the body and that the role of a coach is only to be facilitator for bringing out the true potential of the mind of the client. She is deeply committed to providing very best in NLP.

Dr. Nazneen Sadat, started her career as an environmentalist and a passionate teacher of environmental sciences. She secured the doctorate in philosophy in Environmental Science at a very young age and joined an engineering college as an Assistant Professor. Her teaching career helped her closely understand the minds and psyches of young men and women across a wide social strata. As a researcher, while reading about the social and psychological issues, she developed passion for NLP and her knowledge and research is reflected in her lectures and presentations.

Mother of two kids, she has a firsthand experience of raising children and dealing with their issues. Being a prolific writer, she has been writing on parenting, even before embarking on the career of NLP.

Dr. Nazneen completed her NLP training from Upgrade Your Mind in Hyderabad and got certified as NLP Practitioner from American Union of NLP.

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Nazneen Sadat