Map Your Life

Map Your Life

Many a people live a life , being tossed around like the currents and waves of oceans and often you will hear such people complaining about current situations in life.

*       Have you ever thought why life is so uncertain ?
*       Why is that, things don’t ever go as you want ?
*       Why, are they always successful and not ?

I had a client, whose life was story of how many failures could she possibly experience. It seems as though she was relating to a flop film story where relationships are terrible, health is ever deteriorating,  Businesses and investments are just punching more holes in life. After few quick sessions on finding true self, everything changed. Life started smiling again at her.
Hardly 6 months, she found a new job in Australia and is living happily ever since then.

Her feedback for my website,  which I have appended here, makes me smile –

“Sajid is a true magician! He was adept at getting to the core of issues, which helped me move on. I felt so much lighter after the session and I had a really sound sleep, for a change.  When life throws lemons at you and you don’t know what to do with them, Sajid is your go-to person. He will not only teach you how to make lemonade, but also transform lemons into oranges and throw it right back at life!”

One of the first things, I ask my clients is to make a life Map, as it is helpful for us both to have an understanding of the key events that have shaped your life.

Some of the questions that could help you to create your life map –

*       What are the significant milestones/events in your life to date?
*       What are your achievements/things you have done and are proud of? (big and small, from childhood onwards)
*       What were you interested in as a child/what were your childhood passions?
*       What do I need to include to make my life-map more rounded and complete?

For a ready-made form to create your own life map, click on the link below and find a downloadable form for your ease.