EQ and Life Barometers for 7-18 of age

The SEI-YV is intended to help youth grow and thrive. It is suitable for education, counseling, and research. The report is written to facilitate discussion between adults and youth about the child’s current emotional intelligence strengths and challenges. The goal is to help the young person create an action plan to develop effective skills and behaviors at home, at school, and at play.

We will be looking at five different barometers that tell you how you are doing in life at the moment.

  • 1. Good Health

    Good Health – Eating healthy food, being active, and feeling fit. Valuing nutrition, feeling energized; being able to participate physically and mentally.

  • 2. Relationship Quality

    Relationship Quality – Having friends to talk to and rely on at all times. Actively participating in a social network in a variety of ways; being able to foster constructive, mutually respectful relationships.

  • 3. Life Satisfaction

    Life Satisfaction – Feeling happy overall and finding joy in yourself, others, and life in general Feeling content and balanced; being able to keep events and experiences in perspective, whether challenging or successful.

  • 4. Personal Achievement

    Personal Achievement – Doing well in school and in life including sports, hobbies, etc. Being diligent and conscientious; attaining successes, fulfilling commitments; being able to consistently accomplish objectives.

  • 5. Self-Efficacy

    Self-Efficacy – Feeling in charge of yourself, believing that you can do whatever you set out to do Confidence in, and knowledge of one’s ability to accomplish tasks, including managing expectations and moods to set and reach challenging goals.

Perspective Version

The “pYV” (perspective youth version) shows an adult’s perspective about the youth. For example, a parent can take the pYV and see the child’s Brain Style, from the adult’s viewpoint. These Profiles are particularly useful for younger children or those who cannot complete the self-assessment — and for comparing multiple perspectives about a child.

As a Certified EQ Fellow, I am authorized to administer these assessments and debrief them to Clients, with the permission of Six Seconds.