Do we have Choices when we are challenged with Adversities?

Do we have choices when we are challenged with adversity?

“Dislikes, disdain, and phobias guide our lives, rather than acute positivity.” These are the sentiments echoed by a prominent philosopher. We gravitate toward the negative, the dark and the difficult. Fear, anxiety, phobias, and paranoia are sometimes given a foothold in our lives. We become a victim of a warped way of thinking. Research has proven that ninety percent of our thoughts center around the negative on any given day. Someone rightly remarked, “Mindset is everything.” The right mindset unlocks opportunities, whereas a negative thought pattern welcomes unprecedented calamity.

In my earlier article on Phobia, we explored the concept of fear, how it develops, anxious behaviors and how trauma leaves an irrevocable footprint on our psyche. Life has been unkind to some, and yet, there are others who struggle despite luxury. Where do you really draw the line? 

Here are the strategies and techniques that have been beneficial to millions of individuals who decided to alter the course of their lives:

  • Practicing Relaxation– Meditation, yoga, deep breathing exercises, and listening to soothing music can boost mood and assist in sleeping better.
  • Long Walks– Countless people have attested to the benefits of long walks. Some say it energizes them, while others love to walk whilst listening to music. A manager at a leading company mentioned it as the perfect start to his day and enabled him to make decisions faster.

  • Make a List– And No, this activity is not confined only to grocery shopping. Make a list of potential triggers. Things that spark an extreme reaction or cause an outburst. It’s always wiser to counteract a negative trigger with a positive one. It might be something an individual likes to do, and eventually, the feelings of anger subside.


  • Change your Focus – Focus on things that you can control rather than things that you cant Control. When you achieve and accomplish things that are very much in your control, you lead a life a “Cause Side” and always be a winner. People who focus on things that are not in their control, invite stress to be their companion.
  • Handling Stress– Taking time off to do nothing can be invaluable for someone overwhelmed by pressing situations. (Read my article on Handling Stress)
  • Take a Vacation– Most individuals shy away from taking time off. Rest is not a luxury. It’s a basic need and we need to start normalizing it. Too many people are at the breaking point because they refuse to indulge in some self-care. 
  • Talk to Your Network- It might consist of a few trusted individuals with whom you can be absolutely honest. No pretenses. Talking to a trusted friend or colleague is not a sign of weakness. It takes courage to speak out about your vulnerabilities.
  • Coaching – People riddled with anxiety require a few sessions of Coaching that gradually instill confidence and the ability to fight against life’s challenges. Negative thought patterns aren’t easy to abolish. But a seasoned Coach can lead you into a life of choices.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy aims to abolish distorted thinking that causes anxiety and panic. It takes repeated exposure to life-giving statements that gradually aid in transforming an individual’s outlook. Sometimes, complex incidents in childhood are revisited, and traumatic incidents are relived with new resources, and learn to handle those situations differently. An Individual may have been scarred brutally, their self-image in tatters. Crossing this chasm takes infinite patience and a lot of support. 
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming – helps to address phobias and PTSD. It uses your capabilities to overcome the fear of heights, water, or snakes. It also works by reprogramming your mind to handle Stress, Anxiety and hopelessness.

Sometimes, sadly, People look for shortcuts and end up developing a co-dependency on medications. Antidepressants are prescribed that offer temporary relief, but sometimes individuals become overly dependent on them, which causes a host of other physical problems like nausea, dizziness and weight gain. Our overall capacity to handle stress is rapidly diminishing, considering all the demands placed on an individual. Anxiety has become commonplace. No wonder popping pills seems like a tempting answer. 

So, what is the Takeaway?
Self-help measures, NLP and Coaching, can be used depending on the severity of the issue. Almost always, people can only be rescued if they “Want to.”  

I want to leave you, the readers, with a parting thought of Maria Konnikova,
“If you are lucky enough to never experience any sort of adversity, we won’t know how resilient you are. It’s only when you are faced with obstacles, and stress, then that resilience or the lack of it, emerges. Do you succumb, or do you surmount? 

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Sajid Ahamed is a “Certified Trainer of NLP” and organizes John Grinder approved NLP training in India and the Middle East. He is one of the few ITA (International Training Academy) trainers in the world who are authorized to run New Code NLP and NLP Master Practitioner Certifications in India and the Middle East. He has more than 1000 hours of coaching experience and is an ICF accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC). He is also certified and authorized to conduct Emotional intelligence Assessments by Six Seconds, International. He is a firm believer in High Performance Coaching. He enjoys engaging in powerful conversations that lead to effective learning and results. Sajid empowers his clients to achieve their most significant potential and evolve into their personal best version through emotionally intelligent coaching.

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