De-Crypt Parenting

De-Crypt Parenting

Event Date :  25th December, 2015. Time : 5 pm to 8 pm.

Kids are powerhouses of energy . They energize the whole area. How many times, have you experienced this? The moment you have your kid in your arms or play with them, you are totally relaxed and energized yourself.
These young birds are learning to fly, use their creative energies to create beautiful patterns which will effect their entire life.
Have you ever noticed, despite your best efforts, your child does not listen to you? Have you noticed your child is able to remember a complete story from a spider man movie seen only once but fails to remember and recollect the English lesson read and rehearsed many times.

Join us for a parenting workshop and find the secrets to your child’s mind.
Learn the magic formula as to how your child listens and obeys your instruction without any resistance.

This workshop has also an hour specially crafted for kids and will enable kids to connect to their core energies and will empower them to use these new found resources to overcome any limiting belief, confusions and conflicts.

Join in and gift this opportunity to your kids to create a change in their life.

Trainer Sajid Ahamed is an internationally certified Neuro Linguistics programmer, empowering parents to upgrade their parenting skills.