Map Your Life

Map Your Life

Many a people live a life , being tossed around like the currents and waves of oceans and often you will hear such people complaining about current situations in life. *       Have you ever thought why life is so uncertain ? *       Why is that, things don’t ever go as you want ? […]


Event Date :  13th May, 2016. Time : 3pm to 6pm. In association with KMCA, at CONCORDE HOTEL, Al matar street, DOHA My Strength: “ME” is an exclusive ladies get together on rediscovering yourself, communications, handling relationship and kids issues with Dr. Nazneen Sadat, Parenting and Relationship Coach, created to help you unlock & unleash your true potential […]

Discover The Invincible You!

Event Date :  6th and 7th February, 2016. Time : 10 am to 6pm. DISCOVER THE INVINCIBLE YOU is a Unique 2 Day Transformational Workshop with Life Coach & NLP Masters Sajid Ahamed & Shaz Alidina created to help you unlock & unleash your true potential within & create the quality of life you desire. Learn […]

Self Mastery Parents Workshop

Event Date:  15th January, 2016. Time : 4 pm to 6 pm. Life Coach & NLP Masters Sajid Ahamed and Shaz Alidina bring to you an Exciting and Informative Meetup for Parents. Some Of The Topics They Will Cover Are: 1. Why do you do the things you do. 2. How to create your reality. 3. Creating change. 4. […]

Creating Lasting Change

Event Date :  9th January, 2015. Time : 5 pm to 7 pm. Each one of us is born to be different, special and unique. Some realise it and take step in the direction of change, from, – “What we are now” to “What we want to be”. Some start doubting their uniqueness and sabotage their […]

De-Crypt Parenting

De-Crypt Parenting Event Date :  25th December, 2015. Time : 5 pm to 8 pm. Kids are powerhouses of energy . They energize the whole area. How many times, have you experienced this? The moment you have your kid in your arms or play with them, you are totally relaxed and energized yourself. These young […]

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