Three Steps To Reach Your Goal

Most of us have come across goals in the workplace, as goals form the core of your workload and provide a focus for your efforts. Goal achievement is often linked to the appraisal process and can affect your salary or your promotional opportunities. But what are the benefits of goal setting outside the corporate arena?

You will get the best results if your goals are in line with your personal values. But what are your personal values? Articulating what you are about is a good starting point for understanding your motivations in life and you can do this by writing your own “mission statement.”

What you can expect in the workshop.

  • Why to set Goals.
  • What is difference between Goals and Values
  • Why 80% of people don’t achieve the goals.
  • How to create a foolproof path to achieve goals.
  • Is it a conscious or Unconscious process?
  • How to overcome obstacles in the path of my Goals.

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Do you feel always dictated by your child or other family members or do you set clear boundaries and take responsibilities for your action.

You are on a delightful journey together, both of you unsure of where the journey will lead to or when it will end. If you’re both attuned to one another, both you and your child’s natural curiosity will help illuminate what other gems are yet to be uncovered.

Listening seems simple but it’s actually a challenging skill to pick up.

It’s important to know a few facts before you ask your kids Questions. Kids generally want to please their parents. They desire their parents’ attention and love. They are afraid of your judgment and get worried if they feel they will hurt your feelings or if they are made to feel wrong.

What you can expect in the workshop.

  • Parenting – Developing unique Signatures
  • Case study of Kids not doing their Homework – Ineffective and Effective Parenting techniques
  • Communication between Parents and Children
  • Emotional Management – The Key to Successful Parenting.