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Event Date :  13th May, 2016. Time : 3pm to 6pm. In association with KMCA, at CONCORDE HOTEL, Al matar street, DOHA My Strength: “ME” is an exclusive ladies get together on rediscovering yourself, communications, handling relationship and kids issues with Dr. Nazneen Sadat, Parenting and Relationship Coach, created to help you unlock & unleash your true potential […]

Discover The Invincible You!

Event Date :  6th and 7th February, 2016. Time : 10 am to 6pm. DISCOVER THE INVINCIBLE YOU is a Unique 2 Day Transformational Workshop with Life Coach & NLP Masters Sajid Ahamed & Shaz Alidina created to help you unlock & unleash your true potential within & create the quality of life you desire. Learn […]

Self Mastery Parents Workshop

Event Date:  15th January, 2016. Time : 4 pm to 6 pm. Life Coach & NLP Masters Sajid Ahamed and Shaz Alidina bring to you an Exciting and Informative Meetup for Parents. Some Of The Topics They Will Cover Are: 1. Why do you do the things you do. 2. How to create your reality. 3. Creating change. 4. […]

Creating Lasting Change

Event Date :  9th January, 2015. Time : 5 pm to 7 pm. Each one of us is born to be different, special and unique. Some realise it and take step in the direction of change, from, – “What we are now” to “What we want to be”. Some start doubting their uniqueness and sabotage their […]