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Conscious Parenting

Conscious Parenting   Click on the link for a test to find your understanding of your child’s behaviors:   TEST YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF YOUR CHILD’S BEHAVIORS   In a bizarre case of parenting gone wrong, a Japanese couple left their child in the forest as punishment for the child’s transgressions. What happens next should not come […]

Understanding Your Relationships

Relationships in today’s world are not merely made in heaven. We as individuals are different people and each one of us is unique. Similarly, relationships are unique and they need to be handled depending on who you are and who you are with? For pursuing one’s dream people often forget that there are other people […]

Map Your Life

Many a people live a life , being tossed around like the currents and waves of oceans and often you will hear such people complaining about current situations in life. *       Have you ever thought why life is so uncertain ? *       Why is that, things don’t ever go as you want ? […]