Webinar on Parenting 


Parenting is one of the most challenging jobs you will ever encounter, but at the same time something which you love to do even if it does not benefit you monetarily.

It can at times turn you wild with anger and breakdown all your image of a calm and balanced personality. In any other situation, you would quit the job, but inspite of all the challenges, you love to be with you kid.

The words of affection MAMA or MOM or DAD just refills your energy and you feels ready to undertake any amount of pain for this love from your child. Isnt It?

Parenting, hands down is the most challenging job you will ever do.  It can turn a sane person wild with anger and take the self image we hold of ourselves as patient and calm and throw it out the window.

Parenting is running between two goal post in a football field. We can feel frustrated, angry, defensive, worried and find ourselves in a power struggle with our kids.

The good news is there are mind-sets and skills which can dramatically transform how we show up in life and the relationships with our children.  We can create new identities and healthier patterns when we understand the roots of where they came from in the first place.  

In essence we can become aware of everything (conscious and unconscious) that has limited, stifled, wronged, hurt and saddened us.  

Have you ever heard about the right brain and left brain integration. What we are and how we behave stem from our inclination towards right brain or left and that’s true for our kids also.

We never want to live too much in our left brain (otherwise we are a robot, unfeeling, an emotional desert).  Nor do we wish to live in our right brain (we would weep all the time).  

We want to integrate our L and R brain.  Horizontal integration. 

We also want Vertical Integration.  We don’t want to live in our Reptile Brain (fight, flight freeze) we want to use our pre-frontal cortex, where we can reason and assess. So we make good choices and decisions. 

What is expected in this talk show.

  1. Your Child’s fan
  2. Why do they behave, how they behave ?
  3. Right brain and left brain and their integration
  4. How to handle a few specific issues life tantrum and meltdowns, confidence and introvert behaviors, understanding emotions etc.
  5. Simple integration methods.

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