The Pursuit of Success

The Pursuit of Success

The path towards the peak is always strewn with roadblocks, real and presumed. The harder the climb, the sweeter the victory.  “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning”. Wise words were spoken by Benjamin Franklin, one of the powerhouses of his time. It’s also true that lasing success comes with a price tag that is too expensive, and demands sacrifices and categorical decisions at every turn, and few are willing to venture into such perilous territory.

It’s imperative to stress the importance of clarity. The clarity in purpose is like the beacon, or perhaps like a lighthouse that guides a ship on a stormy night. Many fail here and are left to pick up the fragments of broken dreams. Every individual must have a master plan and effective contingency mechanisms. Deliberate questions like, “ Is my potential being utilized to the fullest? Or What should I try differently this time for greater impact?” Are questions that must be asked again and again. Success is not measured by an individuals’ assets or overall net worth, though they are fine to have. A successful life brims with passion and purpose and is characterized by long-lasting winning relationships. Money doesn’t determine an individual’s success, contrary to popular opinion. Had that been the case, there wouldn’t have been a rise in substance abuse and murders amongst the wealthiest individuals in the world.

Jim Carrey is perhaps one of those rare individuals who visualized success long before they tasted it. That doesn’t discount the importance of hard work. Yet I have read the stories of some of the greatest billionaires of our time and their origins can be traced to humble beginnings. That burning desire, clarity of vision and a firm resolve to beat the odds with a little bit of eccentric out of the box thinking are the trademark characteristics of some of the world’s greatest pioneers.

Many people condemn themselves needlessly and think they have blown it. Case in point. Abraham Lincoln failed in his bid for the United States presidency fifty-two times. But he nailed it eventually. Don’t predict what can or cannot happen. Life has a way of rewarding hard work and undeniable talent.

We shall explore a few blocks/ limiting beliefs that severely deter an individual in his path to progress. The life that we know today is brimming with possibilities and even bigger diversions. No wonder, clarity in purpose which I have spoken about earlier is key. Razor-sharp intent and focus is a driving indicator for lasting success. Your past mistakes are not a predictor of future success. One of the key questions to ask yourself is, “ If I don’t believe in myself who will?” Don’t assume the outcome. It’s quite possible that you might be a victim of bad decision making and your confidence has taken a beating. Starting again is risky. But, staying in the same place is riskier still. Let me elaborate. Life today can be compared to a raging current. You either swim upstream or downstream. And if you don’t swim at all, you don’t have a say in the outcome. It takes sheer persistence to swim upstream. You could very well become your own biggest critic and interpret life negatively. Do it enough and it eventually becomes your default mechanism.

Remember the golden rule for successful living is taking personal accountability for your actions. Regardless of your race, ethnicity, gender, conflicting relationships and a host of other factors, it all boils down to you. Success is a very personal choice. You cannot blame bad genes or lack of resources for failure. The way you see yourself determines everything that happens to you. Win the war in your mind first. Engage with the world at large, for it will aid you in your journey towards fulfillment.

Henry Kissinger sums it up beautifully, “Every success is usually an admission ticket to a new set of decisions.” Ask questions, seek help, view setbacks as a learning opportunity and have a bird’s eye view of the future. Anticipate the future and then create it.

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