What is EQ?

What is EQ? (a.k.a Emotional Quotient)

One of the simplest definition for Emotional intelligence is offered by Six Seconds, “Smarter about Feelings”. It is effectively blending thinking and feeling to make optimal decisions.
EQ is one of the key drivers of how people behave – and how people affect those around them.
I have been certified by Six Seconds as EQ Fellow, which allows me to administer the EQ assessment and debrief the assessment taker.

Six seconds has developed a complete assessment for EQ competencies and is called SEI YV.
The SEI-YV is a validated psychometric assessment for youth ages 7-18. The online or paper-based tool is used to measure current levels of competence in the Six Seconds Model of Emotional Intelligence – set in the context of important life outcomes (called Life Barometers), which include Good Health, Relationship Quality, Life Satisfaction, Personal Achievement, Self-Efficacy, and an overall composite..
The SEI-YV was developed by Anabel Jensen, Ph.D., and Carina Fiedeldey-Van Dijk, Ph.D. Dr. Jensen is the Founding President, and Dr. Fiedeldey-Van Dijk is the Senior Research Scientist of Six Seconds and President of ePsy Consultancy.

SEI-YV is divided into two sections, “EQ” and “Barometers” measures the Total EQ, Three pursuits of EQ – Self-awareness, Self-management, Self-direction and Eight competencies of the Six Seconds EQ Model along with five important drivers of success called Life Barometers.
Visit http://www.6seconds.org/tools/sei/sei-yv/ for more details.

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