NLP Core Skills


Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. 

– Albert Einstein

Your Conditioned mind filters information based on your beliefs, values, experiences that are stored in your memories. As a result of this filtration, you have your perception. Your Perception of the world is your reality, need not be mine. Each individual has their perception of reality which is unique and distinct to them.

Your Perception of reality consists of what you know you know and what you know you don’t know. Rest is what you don’t know you don’t know. See comparison in figure below:

NLP is a simple tool which opens up your creativity box and helps into
“What you don’t know you don’t know” zone.

Whenever anyone resolves to explore this Unknown zone, a Genius is born, a discovery is made.

Are you ready to Venture into this ZONE?

Are you ready to move out of your Comfort ZONE?

Are you Ready to be Comfortable with the Uncomfortable?

If your answer is yes, NLP Practitioner is your path.

If your answer is No, then again NLP Practitioner is your path. NLP will prepare you to venture into this Zone, assist you to move out of your comfort zone and become comfortable with Uncomfortable and change you forever. It will set up on the path of discovery.


John Grinder Co-Creator of NLP talks about Neuro-Linguistic Programming as a means to investigate and replicate extreme human excellence.

John Grinder has defined NLP as a Modelling technology that focuses on the difference that made a difference’ between the excellent practitioners and the others, and is used to Model the Genius.

NLP coaching has seen as one of the fastest growing area in recent times.

Your Results in life are based on your thoughts and actions which are directed by your conditioned mind.

NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming is study of your behavior patterns and effectively changing it to more empower beliefs, thoughts and action.

NLP is a remote control to your best version.

The NLP Path is described below:


If you are a beginner in this branch of learning, then this is where you should enter.  In this 5 days intensive interaction with masterful trainers and coaches, you will get exposed to basics of NLP and its techniques. The trainers will create the permanent circuitry for excellence and performance and you will be changed person.

You will receive a CORE SKILL COMPLETION Certificate at the end of program

This Certificate will give you eligibility to register directly to 7th day of NLP Practitioner Certification of the 9 day program conducted by any ITA (International Training Academy, UK) trainer.

You will be equipped by touchstone Success Principles which you can apply in any area of your life like Parenting, Sales, Work, Relationships, Personality Development, Health, Sports, Business & the list continues.

Imagine, when you have mastered this tool of excellence,

  • How easily, you would be able to build rapport and create new and stronger relationships in work or at home.
  • How naturally you would be able to create breakthroughs for yourself and those associated with you.
  • How effortlessly you will be able to design superior strategies and achieve your set Goals with ease.

You will become UNSTOPPABLE

See yourself, 5 years from NOW, What would be different if you could design your own future?

How would you feel when you are living the life you wanted and you find your Inner Peace?

Can you taste the sweetness of life, when you are the chef of your life?

I am wondering if you can already smell the fragrance of success and happiness.

Listen to your inner call and take the first Step,

 If you are curious to find more about the transformation that NLP can bring out in your life, why wait,

Register Here immediately.

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