What is EQ?

What is EQ?

What is EQ? (a.k.a Emotional Quotient)

One of the simplest definition for Emotional intelligence is offered by Six Seconds, “Smarter about Feelings”. It is effectively blending thinking and feeling to make optimal decisions.
EQ is one of the key drivers of how people behave – and how people affect those around them.
I have been certified by Six Seconds as EQ Fellow, which allows me to administer the EQ assessment and debrief the assessment taker.

Six seconds has developed a complete assessment for EQ competencies and is called SEI YV.
The SEI-YV is a validated psychometric assessment for youth ages 7-18. The online or paper-based tool is used to measure current levels of competence in the Six Seconds Model of Emotional Intelligence – set in the context of important life outcomes (called Life Barometers), which include Good Health, Relationship Quality, Life Satisfaction, Personal Achievement, Self-Efficacy, and an overall composite..
The SEI-YV was developed by Anabel Jensen, Ph.D., and Carina Fiedeldey-Van Dijk, Ph.D. Dr. Jensen is the Founding President, and Dr. Fiedeldey-Van Dijk is the Senior Research Scientist of Six Seconds and President of ePsy Consultancy.

SEI-YV is divided into two sections, “EQ” and “Barometers” measures the Total EQ, Three pursuits of EQ – Self-awareness, Self-management, Self-direction and Eight competencies of the Six Seconds EQ Model along with five important drivers of success called Life Barometers.
Visit http://www.6seconds.org/tools/sei/sei-yv/ for more details.

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Value Based Education

The New Year Gift

Life is a complicated concoction, and the experiences, backgrounds, mental patterns all go into defining who we are and who we become.

Our “WHO” dictates what we do and how we do things. Everyone wants to leave the footprint behind, that could be seen as life changing in a right way. We all have a potential to make a difference.

Life coaching is an opportunity to take your life to greatness by tapping the latent potential within you.

All of us are born with our great individualistic gifts. For e.g. Some may be able to write well, others may be enjoying great leadership quality, some might just have the ability to spread happiness and so on. The life coaches help an individual to bring out the best of their potential talent to meet the success they dream, they desire.




In simplistic terms, the life coach is an external agent who sees the full picture that an individual may fail to see for he is so engrossed in his objective.

We believe our circumstances, influences, environment all goes into defining what we do in our adult life. At innerpeacelife.com, we have certified experts who can guide you through the troubled waters. The ambition that doesn’t let you sleep but also doesn’t materialize as well can be resolved with the help of life coaching techniques.




Are you looking to clear the mental clutter, organizing life, wanting to start or grow the business, wanting to get out of the rut? Watch out the New year offer just for you.

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What happens in these sessions?

These sessions take place over phone or Skype or even face to face whichever is agreed between the coach and client. Through these coaching sessions you get a taste of what coaching is and a glimpse of what it could do for you.

This session will give you an idea “What’s that you are actually looking for”. It will enhance clarity. You might even get a chance to experience a brief Coaching Demo and experience an undeniable shift.

In short, this session helps you to take the next step.


Who are Eligible ?

Anyone from across the globe, who is interested and committed in creating a change in their life from the Life they have to the Life they want.

No previous coaching sessions with any of the Inner Peace Coaches.

If you find yourself eligible, please click the link to register. If you fall in the first 10, you will receive a welcome mail.



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Conscious Parenting

Conscious Parenting


Click on the link for a test to find your understanding of your child’s behaviors:  



In a bizarre case of parenting gone wrong, a Japanese couple left their child in the forest as punishment for the child’s transgressions. What happens next should not come as any surprise; the child went missing and the Army’s help had to be taken to rescue the child. Disciplining is about teaching the child to do the right thing. This cannot be forced upon the little ones by punishments. Punishments are nothing but shortcuts to achieve the goal of teaching a child something; to teach a child, a lot of encouragement and patience is required. Children are like sponge. They absorb everything around them. And if they are continually subjected to punishments, they are bound to have a lot of negativity in them.  

Everyone has the notion that they will be or are excellent parents as most of us love our children to the core. But love is not enough. Being a good parent requires hard work and ingenuity just what being good at one’s job requires. Parenting is in fact tougher than a job as one has the option of quitting from your office but you cannot quit on being a parent. There are numerous things that moms and dads do wrong on a daily basis. Essentially, negative thoughts and feelings need to be avoided at all times.

For example one should not overreact if a child makes a mistake. To err is human and is an important step in the learning curve especially for a child. An undue amount of scolding will discourage him/her to try out new things in the future. Instead of stopping the children in their tracks parents should try to nudge them on the right track. Conscious efforts by parents to shape their children’s character are important. Some of the things that parents should always keep in mind are:

  1. Unconscious parenting methods have to give way to conscious procedures. All of us have biases which are formed due to the experiences we undergo and we tend to enforce it on our children knowingly or unknowingly. Thus while we may believe that what we are doing is for the betterment of our children, it may not be beneficial for the child in reality.
  2. Nurture individualism. Although this advice is stressed upon time and again, very few parents seem to heed to it. Every child is unique and focusing on their strengths and developing them helps not only in creating confidence but also enforces a special bond of trust between the parents and the child. Many studies reveal that children whose parents regularly compare them to others have markedly lower self-esteem. The biggest asset that a person can have is self-confidence and parents play no small part in developing this in their children.
  3. Nobody is born a good parent but one can surely get better at it. Anything done for the first time will obviously have some shortcomings and hence it is important not to presume that everything that you think will be absolutely beneficial for your child and that there is no way around it. The first day of your child as a teenager is also your first day as the parents of a teenager. You are as new to the experience as is your child.

Parenting is a skill. Just like a potter makes the perfect pot by applying the right pressures at the right areas while allowing the clay to rotate freely, parenting too requires showing your kids the right direction at the right time without compromising on their freedom or self-confidence. And just like pottery not everyone is born good at it but gets better with experience, patience and hard-work. We provide you with tools to sharpen this skill. We have identified the areas where children are most likely to stray away from an acceptable behavior and coach you on how to solve these problems.

For example, you might sometimes wonder as to why your child has bad habits like lying or disrespecting their elders in spite of you never teaching them such things. We provide you the answer to such problems, approaches on how to solve them and also advise you on practices so as to prevent any such derogatory habit from taking root in your child. Children are the greatest source of joy for any parent. Do not compromise in investing your love and care on them.

Click on the link for a test to find your understanding of your child’s behaviors:  





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